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Toshiba sattelite l10-108
Ok I'm having trouble finding the driver for this laptop. I tried drivermax but no luck. do you need the report or are you able to find it like this? I tried the toshiba website but I couln't get it installed either.
well tosh only list one driver for that model and its for windows xp.
this is the driver direct from them.

unzip that driver then install it.

if it fails to install that may be down to your direct x being out of date, update your direct x then try the install again.

one thing i did notice about that models specs was the low memory amount it can shipped with.
you can improve the laptops overall speed if you ditch the 256mb it came shipped with and up that to 512 or even 1 gig

windows will run alot better if you do that.

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