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hi dave! after i compressed the drive c...i was prompted to have a windows cd since unknown version was detected..etc...i ignored it since i am not finish installing some drivers...and i know i will prompted again later. however, i was wrong. the message autoplay keeps on popping every 2 can i fix this dave?
it should not keep popping up and you can stop it by using gpedit.msc

but what drive is it popping up for ?
unplug all usb drives, and make sure no cdroms are in the drives.
restart windows.
if the autoplay pops up click it and find out what windows is looking for.

it might still be looking for the windows xp disk in order to finish the disk compression, without it windows might not be able to finish what you have started and could leave you with part compression which is not a good idea.

if you find your windows xp disk put it in the drive.
next time windows pops open the autoplay follow it.

oh and just in case you do need to disable auto play it can be done the following way, but remember if you do this no drives will auto detect a disk, you would have to open cdroms from my computer.

click start , run
type gpedit.msc hit enter

this will show you what your looking for.
omg! i did't realized that my external multi card reader is the reason not until u told me to unplug all usb gosh! the adaptor of micro sd was plugged in without my knowledge. actually i'm starting to pull off my hair! lol! thank you very much dave!
tut tut.

how can you not know you had a muti card reader plugged in ?
it should have been listed as removeable drive in my computer.

sometimes it just needs someone to point things out
i mean...the adapter of my micro sd was inserted...that's the reason why.
i just have to check all plugged in usb b4hand. sorry, i'd just overlooked it.

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