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internet connections
hi dave! i hv here...a fujitsu fmv-biblo nx70l/w laptop. i converted it from japanese to english. the owner noted me that she can not use the internet. since both of us didn't understand japanese languages..we decided to hv a dual boot since it has a 2 c and d. i placed the english version on drive d. old OS was xp home with sp2 and the newly installed was xp media ctr edition 2005 sp2. there were no prob on device drivers..all was properly re installed. but still unable to connect to the internet. i noticed that network cable is still unplugged/undetected. i tried several times setting the LAN settings to automatically detect. but still no luck. need help from the expert! thanks!
fujitsu list it as a 1000/100/10 lan card

do you know what one it is ?

if not use everest on the english version of the o/s and call up the lan card to find more information on its chipset.
sorry for the delay...i was assigned out of town and i just got back home today. i tried to double the socket itself and i found out that it was defected. so instead of replacing it..i suggested her to use usb ethernet on which i advice her that there is a 2nd hand unit. right now, everything is ok. thanks for your usual help dave.

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