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Kodak M863
My card reader failed on me and now I have a really big problem to get my files (avi, txt, rar) stored on SDHC card
the only device now that can access this card is my kodak M863 but, when connected to USB shows up in "Scanners and Cameras" group, double click it and it shows all my files, try to copy them to hard drive but it creates "empty" files, 0kb size
installed the EasyShare program on CD provided but the program hangs right after attempt to copy a file... ;(
after some digging found out that all new (not older that 3 years) cameras will no longer show as removable storage device :/
Is it possible to get some modified driver to make my camera to show in "Removable Storage" group?
in a word no.
cams work a funny way and kodak are one of the worse for accessing the card as mass storage device.
i can do that on my fuji but not my olympus cam.

don't use the kodak software as that is allowing access to the files the cam had taken itself and not the extra files you added.
look in my computer and see if mass storage device is listed.
if it is double click it as that should give you full access to the sd card.
tried with EasyShare and without, if EasyShare is installed there is nothing in My Computer, the same if EasyShare is turned off
just great
now I have 29 GB of movies and cant access them...
you will have to get another card reader if possible.
its just the way windows is trying to access that cam.

the kodak firmware is not allowing direct access to the card, its only allowing you to read what it thinks your looking for.

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