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Satellite L305D-S59222 sata drivers and others! Please help
I have a toshiba satellite L305D-S59222 to downgrade from vista to xp pro sp2. In need of the sata drivers please sir. It has the AMD Athlon X2 dual core QL-62. Not having much luck in finding them for xp.. I found the modem and wifi drivers on the toshiba site. Tee list below are the drivers I have yet to find but still looking.. Any help would be appreciated. I picked this up at a pawn shop for super cheap and its brand new. Its a xmas gift for my only niece.. a little late because of the down grade though.

AMD Athlon™ X2 QL-62 Processor
2GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz SDRAM
ATI® Radeon™ 3100
Atheros® Wireless LAN (802.11b/g)
Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI-E NIC
Realtek Audio
that laptop has the AMD/ATI M780G chipset.
the raid controller drivers listed here should work.

or this set should work.
i cant get either one to take hold
strange thats what's listed at tosh
i will take another look now.
i tried both sets, with the F6 method as well as slipstreaming
well that should be the correct driver set how did you try and install them ?

what you will need to do is add them to your windows xp install disk and please make sure your using windows xp with sp2 installed or the drivers may not work.
guide on how to get those drivers on your install disk can be found here.
they have to be slip streamed.
okies dokies will try agian.. maybe its the files i am trying to put in? do i put in the entire downloaded package? extracted or not extracted? if extracted which files should be used or will nlite pick the correct ones?
on the bottom of this post is a direct rip of the ati raid drivers as i just ripped them out of the ati package.

those three files should be all you need.

please unpack that driver fully with winzip.
remember when adding these to a slipstream you need just the files and not the whole folder.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 118.71 KB / Downloads: 25)
thank you so much.. u have saved me from wanting to hurt the first person to cross my path.
getting blue screened with the 0x0000007B error
Tried using Nlite but still getting blue screened
Maybe i should try the ide method?
oh these ati chipsets are such a pain.
try the other driver on the bottom of this post.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 76.1 KB / Downloads: 20)
nope didnt work so i gave in and switched to compatability mode in bios and got xp and all the drivers on, windows updated and working. The computer is actually working pretty good atm. Can i switch it back in the bios or does it need to stay this way? Never had to do it this way before.
if you have got xp installed and you have loaded the main chipset drivers from ATI you may be able to switch back over in the bios.

i have never come across a laptop where you have to switch modes just to install a o/s

even i am still learning.
i loaded the chipset and raid drivers. its really an odd setup really. i switched it back over but it blue screens then reboots.. will have to stay in comparability mode. it runs fine in this mode so i am not going to worry bout it. better than beating my head against the brick raid wall, and many new little coaster/frisbee slipstreamed cds
all you can do now is wait to see if ati come out with a new driver for that chipset.
they should as its pretty new.
thank you ever so much for helping me. will let you know what happens with it.. in the meantime i have another laptop i picked up to redo. here i come little hp!

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