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USB Serial Driver Windows 7 x64
I am looking for a Windows 7 x64 driver for a cheap USB to 9pin serial cable. It's one of the blue cables with a CH340 UART chip. I've found the drivers for XP and they work just fine but I really need the Windows 7 x64 drivers.
The hardware id is:

When I use the XP drivers, Windows 7 complains that the drivers are unsigned and will not load the drivers. Even if I trick W7 to allow unsigned drivers - no go. I even disabled UAC and used a utility that signs the CH340 files - no go.

Of course there is a Prolific 2203 chip that works with Windows 7 but I don't have that one. I even tried THAT driver - no go.

Any one out there who has gotten this to work?
It's for a Cisco 9 pin console cable and no serial port on the sucky Asus notebook with Windows 7 x64 on it.

The really odd thing is it works on the SAME Asus notebook running Vmware 7 with an XP guest. Go figure.

Thanks in advance,
did you try the compatibility wizard ?

i know this list vista but its the same as windows 7.
have a read over this and try it with the one driver you know that works with windows xp.
I sure did and it did not identify it. One thing I have done since I posted that was to install a tool from Citadel Industries
called Ready Driver Plus (http://www.citadelindustries.net/readydriverplus/.)
It basically disables device driver signing and it works.
I release that the tool is basically for Vista but it worked for me with Windows 7 x64 when nothing else would. I
am able to use the CH340 USB Serial device just fine now. Microsoft needs to lighten up on the device driver signing issue.
Thanks for the suggestion!
i agree with you there.
old m/s take testing a driver way to far.
with xp you could get away with just telling the driver to continue.
but m/s went one step above that with vista and windows 7

its just one big con by microsoft to make yet more money for some tech guy to sit and say yes this works ok.

glad you got it sorted out.

sorry my answer's were a bit delayed today as i was flying home.
CheeseNcrackers thank you for that
but please not that driver is for early 32bit windows only, it does not install on windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit alike.

i have a newer driver then this one plus some 64bit drivers should you wish to try them.
all can be downloaded free from here

Another option, if you have the appropriate version of Windows 7, is to install XPMode and then Attach the USB device from the XP virtual machine.

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