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cd dvdw drive reads music cds but not any form of dvd
My problem is, is that my cddvdw ts-l632n disc drive will read any kind of audio discs even home made ones, but when it comes to any kind of dvd disc whether it be store bought or home burned it will not read. When I put one in the computer freezes and everything from my desktop disappears until I pop the disc drive open. If I go in through start>computer>CD drive E: it will start to read the disc then say in the top bar of the small screen there is an error. that the program has stopped working. That is when my desktop screen goes completely blank until i pop the drive open.

I had this problem before and it fixed itself, but to no avail it has happened again. I have heard about deleting the upper and lower something or other and tried that, but there were no upper or lower files to delete. Please if ANYONE can help me please I am desparate.

I have tried to uninstall the disc drive and restore the system and that didn't work either. I very rarely used the disc drive but wanted to watch movies that I burned quite some time ago.

btw my computer is a hp pavilion dv6700 running vista home premium. 32 bit operating system. AMD turion 64

PLease and Thank you

that would be down to the program you have set to auto play a dvd disk.

most common programs to do that are power dvd , win dvd,

use windows update and bring your copy of windows fully up to date then update the program you use to play your dvd's on that laptop.

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