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CMOS setting wrong
hi dave..my friend told me she has a prob... CMOS setting wrong. everytime she open her desktop..she is receiving this msgs. so she will go to BIOS settings and correcting the date and time. then she will save and exit. but if she will only restart/reboot...no problem will occurs. is it battery?
yes that battery has gone mate.
if its not holding its settings its dead.

its only when you fully power down a motherboard that the bios battery takes over, thats why it will hold those settings on a restart.
ah ok..i wl advice him to replace a new battery! thanks for your usual help...and by the way, i will take this thread as well on my new prob on my own pc! lol! my computer didn't automatically tun off on shutting down. i decided to restore the system. prob was solved..unfortunately, yesterday prob occurs again. i only added yesterday a utorrent. is there any conflict with that program?
torrent software is not the best in the world, if its set to start with windows as you start up i would change that in the programs options and use it only when needed.
power down problems sometimes come from the acpi power commands, if you have that sort of problem update the main motherboard drivers.
yes...it is not set to start with the windows. i use it only if there's a game i'd like to download. so i hv to update my motherboard drivers since i hv that prob? and what particular driver should i dl? i hv here... chipset, bios utility, audio, vga, sata, utilities and ahci and raid, which one?
main chipset drivers are what control the power commands
hi dave...i just downloaded a new driver for the chipset and it is perfectly fine! the pc is now properly shutting down. and with regards on my friends prob with the battery..she already replaced a new battery and it is ok now. she said..thank u very much.

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