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No Audio Device after XP fresh install
Hello again, hope you can help with this one. I installed XP on an IBM Thinkpad T42, 2373JTU, using a fresh install option. After the install, I checked Device Manager, & installed all drivers for items with yellow ?'s. All devices are clean but I can get no sound from the system. Sound & Audio Devices in control panel show no audio device. I have tried to install AC97 drivers with no luck, & SoundMax Audio, which gives me a message that no drivers are present. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

that laptop is using a soundmax chip.

please make sure you do the following.
if you have just installed xp again please make sure you have run windows update and installed all thats on offer.
then update your direct x to make sure its fully up to date.

then lcik this lnk and download the correct audio driver for that laptop.
there is also a readme file along with this.

if your missing anything else for that model you can download direct from IBM
I had already tried the listed download, without the MS & Direct X updates, & it gave me an error box stating "no drivers present, reboot your system & try to reinstall". I still get the same result after the updates, & can find no other audio drivers on Lenovo's website. Everest shows nothing in the multimedia section, so I'm wondering if the integrated sound card has left the building. Any wisdom?
look in the bios and see if the onboard audio device has been switced off.

on most laptops you can shut down sound, network cards e.t.c in teh bios to help with battery life.

what version of everest did you try ?
try the trail version of the corporate ed as thats the most up to date.

sound will be listed under mutimedia , pnp/pci audio

as its a sound max everest should list it as a ADI
Everest corporate trial shows no device in the multimedia tab, in Windows Audio, PCI/PnP Audio, or HD Audio.

There is no option in the BIOS to turn the audio on or off, I did reset to the default BIOS settings to no avail.

A search through several forums has shown a few people with the same problem, however, the fixes that work for them do not affect my problem.

Unless you know of any other possibilities it looks like this one stays out of the win column.

Thanks for all your help.
click start , control panel, add new hardware.
see if windows is listing anything in there that does not have a driver installed.

as no problem is showing in device manager its hard to tell if the sound chip is working or not.
Everything there is working properly.
ok i have got a test for you.
download linux mint.
its a free download.

burn the cdrom of that o/s
start the laptop on that disk there is no need to install it to your hard drive.

once thats loaded from its disk see if you have sound.
Okay, did that & there is no device to configure in the hardware section of the sound.

Guess it really did leave the building.
looks like it.

was worth a try just to rule out a windows problem
Thanks for your help.

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