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cx8400 Printer drivers for Windows Me
Please help me find the Windows Me printer drivers for Epson Stylus cx8400. The only one I have been able to find, epson12347, is only for Twain and scan. I can scan, but system does not see as printer.
I am sorry to say this printer maybe too new to work with windows ME.

All support for windows ME stopped years ago as such when a new product such as this comes out they don't write any drivers for the older versions of windows.

the only thing you can try as windows me is part window xp is this
download the drivers from here.

you need the standalone drivers and not the whole package.

try and install the drivers on windows me with the self install.
if they fail take note of where the drivers are being unpacked to during the install.
then use device manager update driver option and browse to the unpacked driver files.

other then that you might get very basic printing using one of the epson built in drivers in windows me.

the scanner will work as windows ME drivers are listed in the above link.
nothing works from that page, I've tried all of them. I dont understand why they would have scanner drivers, but not printer drivers for the same machine ?????
the scanner is using a old program/ driver thats been around for years.

the printer its self is using a much newer driver to get the drop size correct on the page giving you the print.

as epson don't support this model under windows ME you really are stuck unless i can find a older printer that has the same sort of print heads.
that in its self will prove hard as the new machines have more print heads and colours then the older machines.
I understand, thank You for looking and I'll keep hoping that maybe there is some kinda driver somewhere that will work. I'll keep checking ! Thanks for your help.
ok there is only so much i can do with this driver file.
please download this zipfile

fully unpack it with winzip.

plug the printer in and switch it on.
if the wizard starts follow that till it ask for the driver, then browse to that unpacked winzip folder and open it.

if the wizard does not start, go in to device manger, right click on the problem printer and select update driver. again browse to that unpacked driver file.

i am not sure if this will work as i ripped the main driver to bits and re-wrote some of the files.
the chances are windows me will just stick two fingers up at us but its worth a try.

there is no self install what so ever i removed it and the epson 3 monitor is gone as well, this is just the raw driver files and nothing else.
Windows ME is now over 10 years old. If you hardware can manage it then it is time to upgrade the operating system. I haven't checked eBay but it is possible you could purchase legitimate copies from there at a reasonable price when companies clear inventory as the upgrade to Windows 7.
Thank You, davey6, I appreciate all that you did, but the driver did not work. Ill just have to recommend that my friend try another route, like putting all his important files that he wants printed on his other computer via USB pen. Thanks again for trying.

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