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Vista user rights
Hello, how are you and hope fine? it's a new year and i guess i just got my new problem to face with my vista. I can't access my msconfig nor even look at my os drive, it keeps tell me i have no access or access denied or system error 5. I don't know what to do. I have an administrator problem with my system, could you please tell me what to do, before i scatter my laptop - just kidding, but please tell me what to do.
the main admin side of the o/s is what allow's you to control all the settings.
what vista has done is log you in as a guest with no admin rights at all.

see if you can start vista in safe mode ( F8 ) just after the bios post screen.
log in as admin and then use system restore and go back to a point when the system was working.

all the time your logged in as a guest vista is not going to allow access to controlled folders and files.
ok, i will give it a trial, thanks.
Thanks it works.

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