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SATA drivers for m8120n HP media desktop
I hate to bother anyone about my problem but I have honestly tried to find the drivers that I need. My computer will not let me install vista 32 or xp 32 without them. It is so annoying. The desktop model is hp m8120n, the chipset is intel 965 mch, and the drive that I am using for a hard drive is Western Digital 80gb wd800aajs. I have tried to search out these drivers on the hp website and on the intel website, but I must be looking in the wrong places. I also have the original load cd's for the computer from the factory that should include the drivers for the board; however upon exploring the cd's, i can't track down the drivers. The computer will not automatically install them either. The cd's include windows vista home premium 32 bit. I would rather have xp home or professional on the computer. I have all of the correct cd's and licenses for all of these versions of windows. I believe Sata drives are a curse. I want to go back to pata or ide drives. Thanks ahead for anyone who helps.
Vista comes with SATA support so drivers are not a problem there. XP does require the SATA drivers unless you have a BIOS option that allows Compatibility mode instead of AHCI mode. This setting, if included in the BIOS, can be found hanging around with the Controller settings.

However if you have tried installing Vista and had no luck, then i would suggest changing the SATA cable, change the Power Connector in case either are faulty or not connecting correctly.
Do you have any way of testing to see if the HDD is actually working?
Have you tried a different SATA port on the Motherboard?
Was the HDD working previously?

SATA HDDs can seem to be a curse at times but they really are a lot better than the old IDE ones. Just hang in there and we will get this solved one way or the other.
hum WD drive ?

is it showing in your bios screen ?
windows can not set up on a drive thats got bad firmware.

the intel 965 is built in vista, but xp will need this set of drivers.

in fact that set will also work with vista as intel list just the one set.

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