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Vista default setting
please could you tell me how to reload my vista to it default setting? if it is possible.
what do you mean default setting ?

do you mean clean full defaults as its just been reloaded ?

if thats the case you have to reload the o/s that will put everything back to out the box state. however that will also clear any software you have installed
yes i mean clean full defaults settings, i know i will loose all my softwares, no problem about them. I want to remove all but still have the window vista on it as if i just installed it newly on my system.
so how do i reload the operating system from my computer without the Vista installation CD?
what sort of system do you have ?
is it a shop bought system or laptop ?
I am using a Gateway system - (T-6330u) bought from canada, i am using window vista home premium, service pack 1 with 32bits. any other information you need to know let me know.
ok have a look at this page.

download and read everything about e-recovery
that will tell you step by step what is needed and how to restore that laptop back to out the box settings
ok, thank you very much.

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