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Toshiba satellite sound issue
Wow! first let me say that you (Davey ) and other moderators on this site are a godsend. THx for all the great advice. Unfortunately even with all the post about Vista to XP downgrades and sound I still am unable to get sound on my machine:( _Toshiba satellite p105-s9337) The UAA driver is installed and so is the Conexant HD audio driver that was in the Kate45 thread
(ver 4.8.00) When I go to the control panel and try to set up the audio device it reads NO DEVice. Bummer...........please help :)

Note: I've tried many other conexant drivers using the driver update method with no luck
glad you like the site.

what version of windows xp are you running ?

reason i ask is this.
when it comes to doing a downgrade you should be using windows xp pro with sp2 installed only.
if you upgraded to sp3 before you tryed to get your sound installed it can go badly wrong.
sp3 has the uaa built in it problem is microsoft never really did repair the bug in the service pack.
so installing the UAA after that does not work and you won't get your sound card working.

seem to effect the conexant more then anything else as well.

let me know what version of xp your running and i will go from there.
to check that click start, control panel, double click system icon, on the first page it will tell you.
Alright. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite p105-s9337. I'm running XP Home w/ sp2 and don't plan on going to sp3. Good news! Using this site helped me get my Nvidia 7900 and my conexant High def audio up and running in the wee hours of this morning!
I got the UAA here but I actually found the correct conexant driver on the
Toshiba Europe site. Kind of difficult to find and I deleted the bookmark or I would post it :( (page 20 within the Toshiba Satellite P series XP drivers).

With that said I'm still having problems with the headphone jack. I've fiddled around in the device manager and with all the volume control stuff. stumped.

note: also need the LAN driver if you could guide me there

yup thats down to the conexant auto plug detect.
come across that problem before.

the driver was enough to get your sound up and running but the auto detect part did not install.
windows xp home is not helping matters here really as most of the conexant drivers came out for xp pro.

now you have some sort of sound on that laptop go online.
then go in to device manager.
right click on the sound card.
and select update driver

microsoft has alot of conexant drivers out now and most come from windows update.
but you can bypass all that with the update driver open in device manager.

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