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Outlook Express Spell Check Lanuage?
At some point over the past few weeks, the language for Spell Check on my Outlook Express has changed to French.

I used the Help Menu to try and figure this out and went to the box where I should be able to pick what language I want and the only option it gives me is French???

I've been running this computer for years and this is a first...

Any ideas?
check the spell check in your word program.

outlook express picks up its spell check from what every word program you have installed
This is surprisingly a quite common problem and a pain it is too. Try this; download and install the file. http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/spell...elloe.html
I have to admit i stopped using outlook express ages ago due to the dam bugs in it.
i now use windows live mail.

still has its bugs mind you but not as bad as outlook express does.
I have a different Outlook (Bad pun) on the mail client that I use.
Thanks biggles77! Fixed the problem...
FIGJAM!!! ;-)

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