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hard disk problem
hi dave! my very own pc now encountered a problem on hard disk. my OS is XP ultimate. it's all started when i was playing 2k10 then it suddenly hangs up. with continous sounds repeatedly and can't move the cursor. it freezes so i dont have any choice but to reset the pc..after that, when it boot says, one of the system is corrupted or missing...and adviced me to put the installer and press r for repair. unfortunately, i never encounter such repair on xp. maybe on vista and not on xp's media center edition, ultimate and black edition. however, i decided to re install OS with full formats on a single partition on 400gb samsung hd. now here's the prob.. it stucks on 0% with continous sound like...tick ..tick..tick..tick! something like that! is there a bomb? lol! anyway, kidding aside, is there anyway i can fix this hd?
if that hard drive is going tick tick tick then i think its bug bug buggered, lol lol

download the samsung test tools and test the drive.

any faults and that program will give you a code, if the hard drive is still covered by the warrenty samsung will replace it for you.
sounds like the hard drive was reading at point of crash, pushing the reset or powering down the pc could cause the heads to drag over the platters that would cause damage beyound repair.

roll on when ssd becomes cheaper as it stops all that crap.
no spining disk no reading heads to go wrong, they just want to much $$$ for the drives at the moment.
oh ow! it's sounds like i hv to replace! but i will give a try if there's any slim chances to recover it by running that test. unfortunately, it's already 2 and a half years i hv that hd with me. so i guess, the warranty is not covered anymore. i will give u a feedback as soon as i finish testing the hd and will post you the details.

and one thing more dave, lately, i noticed that it takes time to boot up my pc. honestly it takes almost 30 secs to post the icon of the motherboard etc until it will finally boot for windows. all in all, i think it takes 1-2 mins before i finally get in. unlike before, it only took me a secs to boot up. my mother board is asus p5q-e. and still using my old pentium 4 cpu with 3.4ghz. ati hd his radeon 4670 graphics card with 1gb. and 2gb ddr2 memory.

i tried to clean the heatsink and the fan..well, it has a dust but not that much bcoz i already cleaned it i think a month or 2 months ago. but i noticed, after cleaning speed up the booting.

anyway, is there any relevant on what i had said? should i clean it every 1 or 2 months?
i clean my pc out every 6 weeks, i have to due to the amount of dust in this place.
and i have filters in my pc as well, but it creeps in anyway.
my cpu is watercooled, go on say it flash sod lol, but even the water cooler has a fan on it and that has to be kept clean

it really depends on where you keep that pc, by a window or on carpet is the worse place possible.
if you have pets that don't help matters, smoking can also do some strange things to a pc.
take it from this puffing billy, i smoke and it does get in the pc.

if that hard drive was starting to give up that would slow your boot up times as well.

p 4 3.4 gig should run at about the 60 to 70 mark fully loaded in a good case.
if your bios allows it set it to tell you when it starts to heat up over that.
if you tell the bios to warn you at say 80 oC it will bleep at you when it gets to that point and you know its time to grab that brush and give it a clean.
ok...thanks for the adviced dave. from now on i will clean it every month.

that's cool! i love that watercooled heatsink. how i wish i hv that one too. to date, it's too expensive for me. i dont hv filters on it but it has a proper ventilation, i guess. lol! i hv a large (yes it is huge as u can imagine! bcoz u will thought that this is not a pc case, it's a window type airconditioned as everyone thought! lol! )casing with 3 blower/fans which is directly powered from the psu. since it has a electric fan-like blowing wind..i guess, i don't have to add more chassis fan. lol!

what matter most at the moment is that as long as i can chat with my family , i can play RTS games, 2K10, blackshot, crossfire and watching anime especially justice league, my current pc specs is enough for me. ooops! almost forgot..and watching porno online! my day is fulfilled! lol!
this is my case.

i built a new server in the uk in to one of those case's i was so impressed with the case that came home and stipped my main pc and put it one of those.

this computer room i am in does have air con, so that helps and that case well its just great.
problem was cooler master do not make filters for it.
i bought filter paper and made my own as i know how much dust is flying about in the this place.
my old thermaltake case you to fill up all the time.
thats another good case that i have had for years on end.

water cooling is good if you go for the upper end stuff.
the cheap little kits don't really offer that much above air cooling.
if you go water cool you got to think $$$.

porn ? my god i never look at that stuff.
i like that case! but it's too expensive here in japan. but right now, that item is on sale..around 12,000 yen...120 dollars. and here's my case i bought it on sale..only 30 dollars/3k yen.

i only bought a pc parts once it's on sale. i bought my motherboard a year ago around 8k yen/80 dollars only. my graphics card also...for only 100 dollars, 10k yen.

well dave, honestly speaking...filipinos loves watching that stuff. actually it is normal here especiallly once your friend(male of course) visited you...they usually chant u if u hv that stuff while drinking some wine etc (unwind). and guess what, here in japan, u can buy that stuff in convinience store, in a vendor machine and everywhere. it is very normal here. if u want to make friends with a japanese, their weakness is to give them a copy of dvd! lol! im not kidding...i am telling u the truth.

ok, right now i replaced the defected hd and placed it on the other. i noticed that u will hear somthing when u shake it..unlike other hd. i think, it's defected already but i will give a try to test it. i am currently installing xp ultimate on the new placed hd. however, before testing the hd... i will take a nap still awake for almost 40 hrs! give u fdback asap. thanks dave for your time!
Penkaye, if your HDD is less than 3 years old it is most likely still under warranty. You will need to run the Samsung tools so when you fill in the RMA you can give them any error codes it comes up with.

The next most important item is to follow any packaging instructions so they can't say it was damaged during shipping back to them. When you get the replacement HDD back, KEEP their packaging incase you ever need to ship another one back.

Check warranty and start RMA process. Scroll down the page for the big buttons.

Any problems with the above option, try this one.

Mr Dave like to scoff at my Seagate HDDs but I had one fail in a RAID 1 configuration on a Server but Mr Seagate had a replacement HDD back to me in 2½ weeks. Customer was happy and I was no longer having a part of my anatomy making bricks waiting for the second Seagate to fail.
hi biggles...the 1st site u gave has a problem...japan was not included. so i tried the 2nd one and email them. i gave the s/n first and asked if still covered. yes i wll run the testing and post the result. thanks for the additional info biggles.
did i just read that word SEAGATE aaaarrrrrrrrrr

how could you swear at me this early in the morning.
going to kick the cat now or ola what ever is closer lol
Seagate RULEZ!! Besides, how can you use Western Digital if you live in an Eastern Analogue country. You will never realise how clever that joke was. I am just sooooooo tired!!
I think you need sleep or even help after that joke.

samsung is my fav drives out the lot, i won't use WD at all, them and their tick tick tick 8 months after you buy them.

bring on the SSD thats what i say, lets get rid of this out of date tech once and for all.
and while they are at it , dump dvd/cd roms, flash memory pens can do everything a dvd can and more.
Now this is taking the thread way offtopic BUT, WD Black are a very good drive. The 1TB (or is it the 1.5TB and above) have 64MB Cache. They are not noisey but I don't know if they are as quite as the Samsung. The WDs also have a 5 year warranty, just like Mr Seagate.

Found some interesting infor about the WD (I think) and if I can find the links again will post it here. I think it was in regard to noise reduction. Do not confuse this with noise reduction on the WD Green because on these (or some of them) they have slowed the rotate speed down, 4,900rpm? Again I will need to confirm this due to my memory issue. Should really refer to Mr Brain as RAM since the memory really is now random.
hi dave and biggles..still not performing test on hd. i need to fix and replaced all my softwares back on the new placed hd and to have a communication on my family. tonight..i will perform the test. however, like i told you..i sent an email to samsung and they responded that my serial number is an OEM hard drive built in a computer system. and they ask me to contact the point of purchase or the system manufacturer for further assistance. my prob now is that, i don't hv the receipt anymore.. however, i can try and visit the store if samsung will assure to me that this is still under warranty.

biggles, you're right. your conversation with davey is way off topic but i guess there's a point of lesson there. atleast i'm having an idea. actually, i'm about to ask you guys what is the best hd that u can suggest me nowadays. we have, western digital, samsung, seagate (dave's favorite) toshiba and ibm. lol!
Tell Samsung the place you purchased the PC from is no longer in business so you can't take it back to them.

Post the Model and Serial Number of the HDD and I will see if I can generate an RMA for you.
I know mr biggles is not going to like this but samsung for being quite cool running drives.

tosh drives are bloody hopeless things, they make to much noise and get hot.
hitachi are not bad but suffer from disk fade after a few years.

I will let Mr Biggles tell you about seagate as my version would not be polite lol lol

i love drop kicking seagate hard drives straight out a open window.

samsung make the best laptop hard drives thats for sure, even mr biggles would have to agree with that one.
hi's the model HD400LD S/N:SOAXJ1TL608694
i can't read korean but here it goes.. SEC-HLBD(B) and i think..mfg date was.. 2006.9
P/N: 1492j1fl603949 T MS

hope this could help. thanks!
Ok, what exactly is the HDD been running in? I have gone through the thread and you do not mention what sort of device the HDD was installed in. The Warranty check does return (as did yours):
Samsung Warranty Checker Wrote:This product is a component of a system (OEM).
Please contact the system's manufacturer for service

I have a Sony DVD Recorder that has a 160GB HDD. When I looked up the warranty on MY HDD there was the same message and it had the same 1 year warranty as the Recorder. My guess is they sell the HDD to the OEM guy at a reduced price for buying in bulk and a reduction in the warranty period. If I had purchased the exact same HDD from my parts supplier it would have been a 3 year warranty. As it turned out at 13 months from purchase the DVD player stopped working. The HDD is still spinning at 5,400rpm after 4 years!! Quality Seagate product for you.

Since you had that message, just go and purchase a new HDD that is compatible with your system (and I am still curious as to what it is). Check your motherboard and make sure it has a SATA Controller so you can purchase a bigger puppy to put in your case or you will be stuck with a small IDE HDD. Alternatively you could install a SATA Controller and run a SATA HDD from that, assuming your motherboard would support that configuration. You may even be able to recover some of the files on the stuffed HDD.

Just to upset you, check out the prices of HDDs here in OZ. A 1TB Samsung, AUD$89 or JPN¥7832

PS: The S/N you supplied was wrong. The second charactor was a ZERO and not the letter Oh. :-)
hi guys! sorry for the late reply...i was assigned out of town. anyway, as i'm on my way back home.. i tried to visit the store to check regarding their warranty on hd...and i found out that my hd is no longer under warranty. as you can see..only seagate offers 3 yrs warranty..the rest are 10 mos and 3 mos only. so i will go for your a new hd. thanks for your info and time dave and biggles!
that can't be correct penkaye any brand new hardware comes with a min of a years warranty.
i know i can't read that jap site very well but i would think that is 3 years as i would expect from a new hard drive these days.

if that site is only offering months and not years they have to be second hard drives and not new ones.

when i bought my hard drives ( samsung ) they did come with a 3 year warranty.

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