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hard disk problem
yeah i like to debate on it regarding the warranty. however, like what u had said..most parts comes up with 3 year old hd was already on 4 years old...hehehe! still, not covered..that's why i prefer to scratch my head! lol!

well nowadays, computers parts especially hd are now cheaper..although, 4 brands are only available here in, hitachi, western digital and your favorite dave..seagate. lol! but i prefer samsung above all.
seagate mumbles swear words to myself, lol lol

samsung come witha min of 36 months warranty.
if in doubt call up the drive number they are offering to sell you at samsung.
you will then geta idea of how old that drive is.
yes i will...thanks for the info dave!
Look for the smallest capacity HDD that has a 5 year warranty. That is what I would get.
ok..thanks! i will.

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