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Video Controller (VGA compatible)

Have a 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 mother board and a Sapphire HD 3850 512MB AGP video card.

I've read reviews from other people people who bought this motherboard that said their video card worked in this motherboard before I bought it. Now I'm having the hardest time getting it to work. No where did I read that someone had a problem like mine with this board. I've tried going to and no help what so ever... I was just hoping you had an idea how to fix this problem because I have the video card driver installed, but "it" (whatever it is) will not use the driver for the video card.
On a side note I'm also having problems with the HD Audio working... not sure what that's all about when I try to search for devices it never finds one. It did the first time and installed or didn't complete and got an error... I dunno how to fix that either.
could you let me know what windows you are running
What is the motherboard make and model?
very sorry, windows xp professional SP3

was extremely sleepy by the time I came running for help
( "4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0" from Asrock )
oh its one of those mix and match motherboards with the AGP and PCI express slots.

i need to read the manual on this one in case you have to set a jumper on the board to tell it what slot to use.
some of these boards with the dual slot can be a real pain in the backside.
i will post back when i have had time to read the manual.
It did say something about it in the manual, however I couldn't understand what it said specifically to do with it. The directions weren't very clear on that one... :(
There is only one jumper besides the Clear CMOS which is it says it's for PS2_USB_PWR1. I have no idea except what a USB is and the book doesn't state what the effects of moving the jumper cap around will do.

I've also looked into the BIOS and put all/most of the AGP things to ENABLED instead of AUTO

I've also downloaded driver guide's scanner/pay for download drivers and driver fetch's, in doing so it says I need a VIA CPU to AGP 2.0/AGP 3.0 Controller among like 30 other out of date drivers (supposedly)

Are those good driver finders? If so, do you believe they are reliable enough to actually pay for those updates? My knowledge only goes so far!!!
ok just done some quick reading of the manual and bios updates e.t.c.

first off need double check your using a AGP card and not a PICEX card

if you look at this picture of the board the AGP slot is the brown slot, R2.0&s=775
the longer coloured one next to it is the pci express.

I can't see any jumper needed to be set on the board from the manual.
it should then be set by the bios layout.
however i did call that card up both pciex and AGP,
both versions of that card need a power supply direct from your computers PSU if you fail to connect that
the card will not power on, so double check that you have done that.
if you look at this picture of the AGP version the power connector is at the back of the card on the top

now one thing i did notice at asrock was the amount of bios updates that board has had to make some ATI cards work.
you might find that if you have everything correct its the bios code that is stopping the board and card working together.

at this stage however i must warn you that flashing your bios comes with a risk.
if you choose to go ahead with a bios flash both myself and asrock can not help if it goes wrong
flashing the bios is really down to the end user's choice,
I admit i do my own but then i am aware of the danger as i have had a few dead boards myself.

if you choose to go ahead with the flash please read the warnings listed here R2.0&o=XP
newest bios version in that list is 2.20

as for those so called driver programs they really are a waste of webspace, they will always tell you your chipset is out of date.
its one way of getting you to part with your money.
they work by checking your version with their own database.
if yours is newer then theirs it will say its out of date when in fact your more up to date then they can offer.
there fav things are chipsets, video cards, sound cards.

as that board is running the via 800 pro chipset this will be the most up to date version on the net regardless of what those programs can tell you.
alright thanks, but I've done all that updating and everything still works, no toasted computer parts or dead parts. the very last thing you offered I will have to try when I come back from class. (college)

"as that board is running the via 800 pro chipset this will be the most up to date version on the net regardless of what those programs can tell you."

appreciate all the help and if that doesnt work later tonight, you will definitely be hearing from me again =)
if that don't work your best choice would be to do a full clean install of windows xp with that card in place

when windows does its first driver set up files it should see that card is in place and not use the onboard via.
Apologies timidmike423 in my request for the M/B make & model when you had already posted it. In my haste I thought you meant it was Quad Core & SATA capable. Didn't think 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 was the board name.

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