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starting to slow
ok i have been living with windows 7 on and off for a few months now,
using it mosty for net, music, few picture editing html editing and of corse uploading to this site.

just like every version of windows before it windows 7 is now starting to take longer to boot, longer to open anything and alot longer to shut down.
plus its now using more memory then it did to start with.

give it 12 months installed on a pc and it will be no faster then windows xp.

come on m/s add direct x 11 support to xp and bring out sp4 and be done with it.
no matter how many tv ads you show i won't change my mind, xp is still the best m/s have done to date so bring it up to date for those of us that still want to use it.
Is the slow down a perceived one or have you physically timed it?
I was using Windows 7 without any running problems for about 5 months but then went back to XP ONLY because Win 7 had not drivers for my printers. Got to be a pain starting a Virtual Machine just so I could print a document.

There will be no SP4 for XP since it is now 8 years old (released 2002). XP is finished and in 2 years falls off the MS Life Cycle table. Remember how everyone kept waiting for SP7 to be released for NT4.0 and that never happen either.
no its about 20 seconds slower now biggles, i timed it.
i had a feeling it was slowing up last month and timed it then done the same this month
it is slowing down.

its also now eating memory on things in the background.
being doing this since the last round of m/s updates.
<insert Homer voice> Mmmmmmmmmm, updates........
Sooooo does that mean Win7 sucks? What kind of things does it run in the background and are they really needed
All operating system suck, just some suck more than others. While XP was very good, it is now 8 years old and in IT language it is approaching 70 human years old. I am still annoyed that Windows 7 still had DOS programs in it. Run a search for EDLIN.COM . This is a very old Line Editor that we use to create Batch Files and groovy ASCII menus with, ONE LINE AT A TIME!! When will MS get rid of all this old crap.

I have seen results where a Celeron 2.4GHz and 2GB RAM will run a Photoshop process faster using Windows 7 than an XP machine with a full blown P4 CPU. Can't remember the CPU speed but it was not an original 1.4GHz but it was a 2.xGHz. You can Google for things like this so you can make up your own mind about the O/S.

XP was very fast before you put apps, game etc on it but when you did it slowed down AND you also got used to the speed so there was a perception that it was slowing down as well when it actually wasn't. Win 7 will be similar and it will get Updates that may eventually take their toll but if we all lived on what was great I guess we would stll be running DOS 6.22. Unfortunately upgrades are necessary if you have new software that won't run on the old O/S. Office 2007 will not run on DOS 6.22, don't even know if it will run on Windows 2000. Try running IE7 on Windows 98 and for the FireFox crowd, try v3.5 on Win98.
Yeah I have noticed some slow downs on my computer but its only because I install alot of stuff lol. Its still fast but not like a fresh installed XP Pro on a new computer. I sometimes think they program it that way so people are forced to buy newer hardware lol.

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