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Hi dave having problem with emails again... it was my gmail before but now its hotmail. i dont use hotmail and never sign into it i noticed this email on somebody eleses account from mine...


i have replaced .com with .link
i use this account only for paypal., you must of recived one of these emails from me.

Were are they from??
you email account has been spammed.
change the hotmail account's password.
if it still happens after that, contact m/s and tell them or delete the account and make a new one with windows live messenger.

its not just a new thing ste i have been getting crap like that link for you for ages, i just delete them.
What I dislike about Hotmail is you have to sign in every 30 or 60 days (can't remember which) or they close your account. I have had a Yahoo account since 1996 and sometimes I don't go near it for several months.

The name Hotmail was coined by the inventor because it used HTML hence HoTMaiL. Quite clever I thought.
i think they have upped that to 90 days now biggles for new user's.
my old old account i sign in if and when i remmeber and they have never shut that down even if i don't check it for 6 months.

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