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INTEX webcam driver for Win7
I have a problem. :/

My webcam doesn't work on Windows 7 64-bit (on XP 32-bit all worked fine).
Windows can't automatically install driver (it says - driver not found).
Driver from webcam CD doesn't work.
Drivers from doesn't work too.

All i found in Google - don't work. :(

Maybe someone can help me please?
try loading the cam with the compatibility wizard.
this is about vista but windows 7 works the same way.

windows 7 much like vista before it is proving a pain when trying to get older webcams working.
if you gone from 32bit to 64 bit o/s it will prove almost impossible as most of the early cams did not have 64bit drivers.

make sure all thrid party firewalls and anti-virus are switched off while you do the driver install or that can block the usb port the cam is on.
also please make sure your using a main usb port and not a hub, these cams really don't like sitting on self powered hubs.

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