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USB 2.0 Capture Controller for Easycap Win-7 64-bit
Easycap Windows 7

Not sure if anyone asked for this it but I really needed this driver and it works! After looking I found these since the CD that came with it, Win7 couldn't locate the driver...
just download this and see whats in side those little files,
want to see what in the code.
theres only a runsetup.exe for Win 7
for windows 7 you say ?

i installed it direct from that setup on xp and did not even kick up a fuss just installed.
Yeah that one actually made the capture device work for Windows 7. The driver that came with the disk installed but Windows 7 couldn't locate the driver.
it didnt work do you know anywere i can get windows 7 ultimate 64 bit drivers from
can you please let me know the make and model of your cam or its device id string.

windows 7 64bit is proving death to alot of older cams i need to make sure your cam will in fact work with this version of windows

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