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NEED DRIVER for USB webcam
[/font][font=Times New Roman]I need driver for Webcam. Read other ?'s n have tried many installs but no go. Always get" ERROR Call class Installer (remove)" message in box. Removed camera case and chipset reads" Z-STAR, ZS0211-LF, S50100A, 4040523." It is packaged as a GFM Model ULQ-902. I am running windows Vista64 but on an account that I use for net, I run I.E. 32bit. Please help me to find a driver that will get this to work. Thank you Lionfish7
sorry do you need the 32 bit driver or the 64 bit driver ?

both can be downloaded from here.

vista can be trouble some with this cam if you can't get it running please read this.
Well, I'm not sure. If I'm running 64 on Admin Acct., but do my surfin on guest acct and all I changed was to run Explorer in 32mode, what should I install n where?
Dave, I'm goin to try installing the 64bit version on my admin acct hopin that it will run properly across any other accts. Thanks Will let u know how it turns out.
if the main windows o/s is 64 bit that is the version you should be loading.
so what is the file code on your 4-6 led there are several can you please pin point which one it is? Thank you.
knuckles if your having problems with a cam can you please let me know what cam it is and what windows you are running.
I have the same problem as Lionfish7 with the GFM webcam and getting the "Error Call Class Installer (remove)" message. I work on Window 7 and I believe it is the 64-bit. I tried using the links you posted above, but the ZS211 64bit driver download (is this the correct one?) wasn't working. Am I using the correct download you provide or must I use a different method?
are you using he same model cam as Lionfish7.
this may sound silly but even the same cam from the same company can have two different chipsets.
the reason being they will use the cheapest option at the time, its alway best to check you chipset if possible.
if it is the zs211 it can be a pain to get running under windows vista and i would think windows 7 would not be any different.

you will have to may sure you are running windows 7
if you click start , control panel, system, it should tell you there what version your running.

if it is the 64 bit version then yes the driver i have listed is the only 64 bit driver version on the net.
you can also try this way as well, this is for vista but windows 7 will work the same way.
please make sure that any firewall and anti-virus is shut down during the install or it can and does block access to the usb port.

I have the same error like LionFish7

the chipset of my usb wecam says:

v micro vc0305 48lq-lf ss0060c ?3050820 (?= i can't recognize it, it is half erased)

and I use Windows 7 x64 ultimate

help me please

thats a vimicro chipset VC305

the newest drivers for it can be found here.

please note vimicro do not list windows 7 64bit for this cam only vista 64 bit.
if you have problems loading the driver try installing it with the compatibility wizard
(11-11-2010, 07:56 AM)davey6 Wrote: thats a vimicro chipset VC305

the newest drivers for it can be found here.

thanks it works Rock

Hello my name is Lucia
I'm new here, but i was reading a lot...i have this problme
with my webcam

i just reinstalled everything (windows etc) now i can't install my webcam

pctronix wc 5700L-188

it really worked in windows 7- starter

but now i have windows 7, home premium....

and i get the class call installer (remove) message every time i tried to install...i also shut off the antivirus and firewall, but nothing...

what can i do?

help me pleaseee
have you gone from windows 32bit to windows 64bit ?

what you can try is this.
install the program with the compatibility wizard built in to windows.
how to do that can be found here, ( sorry more reading )
choose windows vista or windows 7 32bit for the compatibility.

** quick edit **

just searching this cam and it seems to be spanish as most of the pages are in spanish. ( good job i can read spanish ;) )
its listed as windows xp so i would try the compatibility wizard with xp, would also be a good idea to make sure your online as well because windows can search the microsoft database for any possible driver.
Thank you for answering :)

YES! It was in 32 bits now is--> 64 bits

is there a problem about it? :S

I read about the compatibility wizard, i think in spanish is: compatibilidad de programas.

i dont want to buy another camera. :(

/////** update**///

nooo... I did everything what u recommended

compatibility wizard, select windows xp. block the firewall and my antivirus...etc etc...nothing..

I did everything you said. is there another possibilty?
your not going to like the next step and its the last chance of me finding out if its a 32bit cam only.

have a read of this and find that chips number and let me know what it is.
once i search that i can tell you if its a 32bit cam only.
I need the driver for webcam the only thing that is writen is ECOM 5 MP I tried to find it but nothing so far please help me if you can ...thank you
can you give me that cams device id string as listed in device manager.

how to find that can be found here.
USB\VID_17A1&PID_0128\5&32975B0C&0&2 I hope that is the thing .I have win 7- 64b
thank you
ok i am deeply sorry for this answer so please don't hate me.
i have seen that device id string more then once on the forum in fact it pops up alot and mostly for windows 7
that cam is a older windows 32bit cam only.
the driver's i hold on site and indeed what i can find on the jap sites are only for windows 32bit.

its proved impossible to get running even with the compatibility wizard that microsoft like to boast about.

its a case of getting a new cam that can run on a 64bit system

on a side note your not alone with this problem
almost all the older cams do not run on windows 7 64bit and the reason for that is simple microsoft never pushed xp / vista 64bit and even they failed to support it fully themself's
the only one they are supporting and pushing is windows 7.
this leave's people such as yourself with older known working hardware without driver support as the small jap companies making these cams find it cheaper just to change the controller chip then to support their older models.

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