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Warning, kingston memory pens on ebay
A quick warning for my members of memory pens being sold on ebay from china.

fake memory pens such as kingston are being sold cheap. please do not waste your time or money on such things, if you want a memory pen pay that little extra and get it from your local pc shop.

i had a memory pen today that a friend asked me to look at as it refused to format to its 64gig size.
it was the same as any kingston product even the packet it was sold in.
called up its id at kingston no such device, so i stripped it down to see what was going on.

inside that case was a samsung 512meg chip with a controller bios chip telling it the fake size.

no wonder you he could not format it to 64 gig.
thanks for the warning davey I was actually looking at that a few days ago and thinking it looked to good to be true

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