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Vaio Hard drive
Hi dave
Got a PCG-7144M here, old drive was damaged so replaed it with one of my spare ones, but everytime i go to install xp it says cannot find hard drive, yet it shows in the bios,

is it somthing to do with sata drivers?

ok so if i need to install sata driver how do i do it without floppy drive?
if it has a sata drive then yes it will need sata drivers.
been trying to call up that model at sony uk.
don't seem to be listed, want to see what sata it has.
sorry dave the model is VGN NS10L
well the spec sheet told me nothing,
dam i think going by its built in intel gfx it has the intel G45 chipset which would make it this set of drivers slipped streamed on to a xp disk.
i got that working using vista boot disk instead.. but now i fixed it, passed it back to its owner.. then he phones me and says it keeps turning off not even shutting down.

so i went and opened it up had a luck put it back together and forgot to attach ribbon for power button so it wouldnt work at all.

eventually i took it home and a play put ribbon back but now it powers on with no screen no noise, even external screen doesn't work.. have i buggerd the m/b?
i don't think so, take it apart again, but this time don't rush things.
take some time and put it on your desk and work in peace.

you have to go over everything you have done and double check the screen ribbon, power control ribbon, touchpad, keyboard e.t.c

the worse thing with doing a laptop is all those ribbons and tiny connectors all over the place, you now have to check them all.
yep done that around 3 times :( i think ive killed it
ok kill all power to the motherboard in case you shorted out something.
remove power, battery, and cmos battery.
leave the laptop for 12 hours to discharge.
That didn't work eaither :(
connect it to a ex monitor and see if it comes on.

not too sure if this laptop as a gfx card or its built in the chipset.
if it has a gfx card make sure its sitting in its plug and not popped up.

something sounds like its loose you just need to find it.
while you at it, remove the heatsink and fan for the cpu and clean it all out and reseat the cpu and put new paste on it.
just shutting off like that sounds like overheating of the cpu or chipset,
Still no luck dave any other ideas? i took the board out and put it back without any anti static 1st time, who do i contact at sony about the price of a new board?
good god ste the board will cost more then the laptop is worth buying it from sony.

you will need to contact sony UK http://support.sony-europe.com/contacts/..._GB&tp=cic
or http://www.sony.co.uk/section/contact

call up the motherboard number at ebay, might get a second hand one.
it might even be cheaper just to get a second laptop of the same modle then to buy the motherboard from sony.
MBX - 202

No luck on ebay :(
i will keep a look out for you ste,
ste there is a motherboard on ebay item number 220611089226

problem is its untested and £60 is alot for a untested board, if it was working i would say fair enough.
might be worth you contacting the seller and asking if they can test it.
cheers dave i have asked them, thanks alot
ste change your msn password again, your account is still being spammed.
ola got a spam email from you.
yea i noticed, must be this pc as it only happens when i first go online.. going to wipe it tonight.

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