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SiS VGA Driver v6.14.10.3820 wanted
Hi together

I'm from Switzerland, so please don't watch my bad english. I tried a long time, to find an onboard graphic driver for my msi mainboard. On the MSI Website they have a very nice live update tool. For all drivers it was working very nice, but for the graphic driver, the download ist not working. Live update found the missed onboard driver: (SiS VGA Driver v6.14.10.3820)

Out of the msi homepage I found nothing :-(

Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Win XP Home SP3


(Website )

Would be nice, somebody could help me....
Greetings Franz from Switzerland
Hi friends

Just now, when I wanted to give up I found :-)


greetings to the US

i know you found this driver optimfish but i am just trying to narrow down what chipset/gfx driver it loaded.
the thing about sis is this.
its all built in the northbridge of that sis chipset, so if one is missing the other does not work, IE if gfx driver is loaded on its own with no chipset support it don't load or work the way you expect.

that ms-706 seems a short number and i can't find it listed, next time you look at the msi live update and it takes you to the download page please look at the top and just let me know what board it has pointed you to
i should then be able to find other drivers direct from sis.
Hi Davey

The only informations I can cut out of msi-Live-update ist this:

MSI Live BIOS (BIOS for Mainboard) Search Time: Tue, May. 11, 2010, 18:52:19

Please Select and Click the button on the right to download and update the version online.
Important! In order to flash the BIOS safer. Please make sure to close all running applications in your system before flashing the BIOS. (Including: Outlook, ICQ, Anti-Virus application...)

MS-7060 (661FM2 Series)
Current Ver. 1.20 Online Ver. 1.20
Notes 1. This is Award BIOS Release.
2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Fixed system cannot resume from S3 under Windows 98SE with Nvidia AGP Card.
- Support V-Class board.
- Update CPU Micro code.
3. 2004/08/1
Update (627KB )

Mainboard Information:
Mainboard Manufacturer MSI
Mainboard Model Name MS-MS-7060
Mainboard BIOS Vendor Phoenix
Mainboard BIOS Version 1.20

What do you think about now? Maybe can we find the Mainboard with these informations: MS-7060 (661FM2 Series) ? On the board itself I fount really nothing, no Name, no readable Number. Crazy manufacturer. Only on one chip was a big SIS :-)

And I remember Live update proposed first 2 VGA drivers, one little with about 2.5MB installed fast, and the second was about 17MB but it did never finish. So I seeked in Google, found nothing there but Bing found the right one :-)


thanks i have now narrowed that down with that info you posted.
the MS-7060 is better known as this board.

it has the sis 661FX chipset.
most up to date driver for that built in gfx is version 3.91 at sis.

note to anyone else with this board.
this board has a AGP port, please check that you are running the onboard GFX, if you have a AGP card plugged in to that port you will need to load the driver for your card and not the sis gfx drivers.

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