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Zalman Heatsink issue
Sooooooo, I ordered a Zalman CNPS9900 LED and received it last week. This was pre-owned but the guy said everything was included except the AMD supplies. I didn't really really care since I have a 1156 socket of course. Now when I opened it I noticed that it was missing 4 nuts to install 1156 socket clip support... I'm sure the guy I bought it from didn't really know they were missing only because he bought it off someone else for his computer but his case was too small for this.

From what I saw in pictures these nuts are just regular small nuts but covered in plastic, I guess for easy installation.

Any ideas on what I could do.

heres a picture and near the bottom you will see 4 round black things, those are the nuts im missing.

I was actually thinking of just using the 775 socket backplate instead, it seems to do the same job as those 4 nuts. I honestly don't know what the difference is. the 775 socket uses the same brace like the 1156 socket but uses this plastic plate that goes on the back of the motherboard to hold the clip in place while the 1156 socket just uses 4 nuts that go on that back to hold the clip in place.
if you can get away with using the 775 back plate i would use that as it will support the back of the motherboard more then using just four nuts.
by the look of that picture its just a nut sitting inside a rubber washer.

if you really want to use the nuts, get four nuts that fit the screw ends, then put fiber washers under them where they meet the motherboard.
Yeah I just got some AS5 now when I take off my old heatsink, what is recommended that I use to clean the CPU with? Will 70% isopropyl alcohol do?
why would you put any sort of luquid on a cpu to clean it ?

just get some paper hand towels and rub off the old paste.
thats how i clean a cpu off , i have never used anything wet so to speak.
Ah, Sorry I didn't really know lol, first time actually doing this. Thanks for the help. Now The laptop has 2 chips one being the CPU and the other is the Graphics do I apply AC5 on both? I cleaned out the heatsink and wow it was LOADED with 4yrs of dust(I doubt they cleaned it out). Oh Yeah theres this patch on the heatsink of the latop, under the patch is some purple-ish goo of some kind do I remove the entire patch or leave it on?

Tomorrow I will be putting on the Zalman for my computer :)
if its a all in one heatsink for both CPU/GPU you will need to add a little paste to the tops of those only, don't add anything to the heatsink its self as it might start to sqeeze out as you tighten down the heatsink.
thats the last thing you need in a laptop is paste everywhere.

you can use AC5 on both just take great care in what your doing.

not sure what you mean by goo, if its on the heatsink where it touched the cpu or gpu clean it off, if its in a different place it might be cooling for the power control board.

i have seen what look like rubber pads in laptops these are infact heat pads and should not be removed at all just cleaned and replaced.
Ahhhhh, I put some on the heatsink of the CPU :/ I put a really thin layer though and I used a tiny bit. I used a little bit on the CPU. The GPU had a pad too, I took both of them off. The GPU wasn't really attached to a heat sink, I don't know it was kind of weird because its connected to the main fan and not a heatsink and the surface of that was a bit rough so I put a thin layer on it too.

I'm looking at the temps right now, they are higher than I had hoped but so far its at 61°C underload on a live streaming channel. Normally it would be atleast 70°C or higher after 2mins of being on a live stream.

I hope after the breaking point it will be a little bit lower.
keep a eye on the temps over the next few days,
laptops do tend to run hotter due to limited space,
you sure that was the GPU and not the chipset ?

laptops chipsets tend to be cooled as well
Yeah I saw load temps go up to 70°C but no higher. I also have the charger attached to it because the battery is not so great anymore.

Actually I'm not sure whether it was a GPU, all I know is that it is pretty big. Its bigger than a desktop CPU too. It probably was the chipset.
sounds like that might have been the chipset,

70 is ok in a warm room if the laptop is being stressed,
you do know that everest has a stress test in it don't you?

you can watch the temps as it loads the cpu to 100%
Yeah probably is the chipset. In idle mode its around 50°C, underload its actually doing much better than before.

For my i7 I'm thinking about doing the vertical line method, heard it was the best way since it spreads it over the most important parts of the CPU.
Alright I'm installing the Zalman as I type this but I came across something a bit strange. The 1156 adapter doesn't really fit my board, I mean the holes don't line up exactly but if I apply a little force I can get it to fit. The holes are a tiny bit off. Is that bad? What do I do? Should I apply a little force so that the 1156 socket adapter?


Alright I installed the Zalman heatsink.... I'm kind of afraid that my motherboard with snap in half or something. I used these nuts from the 1366 socket which I don't need so I took them out of that and tightened those on pretty tight.

I'm just a bit paranoid because the holes didn't line up the way I wanted them to. I had to apply a little bit of pressure so that I could get all the screws in. I hope thats not bad... If it is I will just undo everything I have done.

Another things is the the socket screws I think touch the towers backplate, I'm not sure if thats bad but I bent the back plate a little so its not touching it just incase.


Again Edit"

Well I have it on and running and the temps are o.k I guess? They are jumping around from 32°C -38°C temps seem better actually. I will keep an eye on them for a few days.
sometimes aftermarket heatsinks can be a pain to fit, i have had to add things or take things out in the past to make them
fit the sockets,
if it was a tight fit just make sure its sitting on top of the cpu square, if its a little off on any one corner it will make the temp jump up.

the main problem with these heatsinks is the weight they put on the back of the motherboard, i have seen bent and twisted boards over the years due to the weight of these things,
they really should put plates on the back of motherboards these days to stop them twisting.
some of these heatsinks are massive and really do need extra support.
I wish that 775 socket back plate support would have fit, bit the holes didn't like at that well to put it on. My motherboard feels like it weighs a ton with that heatsink as well, I hope it holds out well.

The temps right now are actually about 8-10°C lower than with the stock fan, so I think its doing fairly well. When I normally turned it on it would be around 38-40°C but with this heatsink its at 30-32°C. Not bad right :)

Why don't they all include backplates then? I don't want my board to get all crazy bent :/ Not even the 1366 socket adapter had a backplate. It was only the 775 socket that actually had a plate.

I'm still a bit paranoid about that one screw touching the metal behind the motherboard though. Oh I noticed the plastic part of the heatsink mount thing touches one of the small boxes near the CPU is that bad? I don't know if its a capacitor or something but its square and looks like its made of plastic too, not metal.
most heatsinks do come with a backplate now days. they have to really as they are too heavy for the pcb to support.

no thats not a cap its a small resistor they pop right off the board if your not careful as they only have two very small solder points.
if its plastic touching that its nothing to worry about as long as its not pushing it sideways or it will pop off with heat.
if its sitting direct on top of it and not pushing in to the board it should be ok.

if that screw is touching the screw hole which is a round solder joint its nothing to worry about as those points are not in contact with the main pcb in anyway.
if its touching a track then i would say remove the heatsink.
(05-28-2010, 08:22 PM)davey6 Wrote: if that screw is touching the screw hole which is a round solder joint its nothing to worry about as those points are not in contact with the main pcb in anyway.
if its touching a track then i would say remove the heatsink.

How do I know if it is or not? The screws are holding the plastic support in place.
think i need to see a picture of this so i can see what your worrying over.

if the screw is on top of the plastic support before it enters the hole of the board you are fine.
Yeah the screw is touching the plastic support before entering through the motherboard. Sorry it took me months to reply back. It seems to be doing fine by the way.

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