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6 LED webcam.......ebay as usual
here is a new chipset number for you all to ponder, :/
I have spent a day and a half now looking for a driver. maybe there is an equivalent for it?

ARK 3299 FPF

this is how it is printed on chip......this is the 20 mega pixel currently being offered.....LOL for 5 dollars I just had to learn my own lesson. it says 98se
compatible, dice. Thanks

Kernel Panic: Signature not found.
call up the cams id string

let me know what that id string is and i will see what i can find out.
thanks for your response. the funny thing is that I tried to install this on
Win 98se and Win ME. both OS's think this is a Kodak digital camera...LOL
and 98se keeps wanting to install it as a USB audio device. So I can not get the "driver file details" at all........

I have read thru many threads pertaining to these Ebay webcams and have tried some of the suggested drivers but to no thing tho, the LED lights on this do work, there is a small variable thumb control on the cable that makes the lights dim/bright, so power is coming thru the USB connection......hmm, well I'll keep trying to search google......

Kernel Panic: Signature not found.
any luck on the device id string ?

without a doubt win 98se and win me will need a driver,
windows me is part xp anyway, and does see more then windows 98se, but its still a bit too out of date to be of much use,

windows 7 might be able to id that cam better, if you know anyone with windows 7 ask them if they would plug it in and see if it loads a driver direct from windows update.
Im trying to install this webcam to vista pack 2 >.< and this comes up

Address a problem with TOPRO USB Video Camera
TOPRO USB Video Camera is not compatible with this version of Windows.

Topro Technology Inc., the company that manufactured TOPRO USB Video Camera, has informed Microsoft that they don't expect to offer updates to solve this problem.
I am sorry to say most of the topro cam chipsets do not work with vista as topro do not support the chipsets direct.
if possible can you try calling up the cams id string so i can work out its chipset.

or if its possible look at the chipset direct.

can you let me know if your running vista 32bit or 64bit.
Im running on windows vista 32 bit :/ :/
nd the ids are
that device id string has popped up more then once on the site its a topro + another chipset.

now vista has problems with topro chipsets but have a read of this topic.

download all the drivers i have found for that cam then try to load them with the compatibility wizard in vista.
before you ty that wizard please make sure you shut down any firewall and anti-virus software you may be running.
Ermmm Hehehe Im not able to find the drivers :P :P a
did you try that cam with these drivers ?

I am having similar problems with an older 6 led ebay cam

This is what I can tell you

USB20 Camera USB\VID_0C45&PID_627B\5&428A151&0&2 The drivers for this device are not installed.

In device manager
Hardware IDs

There is nothing on the actual chip. The PCB has written

I am tring to install it on a windows 7 64bit (am I insane?)
well i found that device id string and its a sonix chipset.
may have problems with this as its the older 201 chipset.
the best match for that device id string i found listed on the jap site drvsky.

if you look at this page

if you look at what looks like a green right hand arrow, just under that to the right you will see some blue jap writing, click that and it will start the download off.

if you can't work the download out let me know and i will download the driver for you.
Thanks Davey.
Your a bit quick for me. I did some more searching and found this link.
The drivers appear to work OK

Thanks for your help and sorry to trouble you.
thats strange the driver you used is a asus driver from one of their laptops.
i will keep it just in case.
(05-20-2010, 06:04 PM)320mb Wrote: here is a new chipset number for you all to ponder, :/
I have spent a day and a half now looking for a driver. maybe there is an equivalent for it?

ARK 3299 FPF

this is how it is printed on chip......this is the 20 mega pixel currently being offered.....LOL for 5 dollars I just had to learn my own lesson. it says 98se
compatible, dice. Thanks

I also made the impulse purchase of this exact same camera on ebay a little while ago. My chipset is almost identical to the one above:

ARK 3299 FPF
023 (there may be a number missing in this last part, hard to see, maybe it's "1023"?)

The camera was actually being sold by and I found it on their website. It can be seen HERE.

The Hardware Ids are:
The Device Instance Path is:

I'm running Vista 32 bit, and when I plugged in the cam it was detected and installed and labeled "USB 2.0 PC CAMERA", but there was no picture. I guess the generic Vista webcam driver isn't working for this. Any help? Thanks!
that cam is being shipped witout a driver disk so it should auto load the driver direct from windows update.
please try doing this so you get a clean install of the driver.
unplug the cam and restart your pc.
shut down any firewall and anti-virus software you may be running.
go online.
now plug the cam in to a different usb port then the one you have been using.
allow windows to auto load that cam again.
once install open any IM program such as messenger or skype etc.
run the cam wizard from inside that program.
that will auto adjust the cam.

if you still have problems post back as i have found that device id string on the jap site dvrsky but i need to translate a little more, most of what i have translated say its auto load driver less.
Hi, I recently bought a Ebay Webcam and I need help on using it. :O
On the description it claimed that it was driverless but only the microphone is working. I looked up the Id String and came up with

When I tried reconnecting the webcam,it was still unknown but this time without a yellow ! or ? with this

I tried searching for it but I couldn't find anything that matched. Please help me. D:
please do not double post justin, please check your other post for my answer thank you.
Ok, so I sent an email to the ebay seller and asked about the drivers for this webcam. Below is the response, copied and pasted here exactly as it arrived in my email this morning.

Dear eldavar,

That's the driver for the cam.
May be you could check as follow.

?plz make sure you plug into back USB port but not front one if your pc is not use the extended cable
?uninstall the former similar vedio driver,then install it's driver successfully(only support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP VISTA(32 bit)operation system),if the driver freeze before finish,plz unplug the webcam USB cable immediately,and reboot your computer then plug again.the driver will be finished.
?you can twist the camera lens to change the foci to make the picture clear or blurry.
?if it shows blank screen,plz make sure you have tick "Camapp"?"option"?"previw"on Camapp.
if your OS is XP, click "STAR"(Lower left on screen???Running??enter?regsvr32 Quartz.dll?
?if the mic couldn't work,plz click "Device" and choose"USB-Webcam"

- dreambestbuyeu

From: eldavar
To: dreambestbuyeu
Subject: question about item #170423814935, New 20.0 Mega Pixel 20.0M 6 LED USB PC Webcam+Mic
Sent Date: Sep-25-10 08:24:44 PDT

Dear dreambestbuyeu,

I have received the webcam, but I need the drivers for it. The links on the little paper inside the package are not drivers, they are for webcam software. I need the drivers because with Vista generic drivers the cam does not operate. Please send me instructions how to download drivers for this camera, and how to make it display 20mp. When I get the correct drivers I will leave feedback.

Thank you,
eldavar did the seller give you a driver disk when you bought the cam ?

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