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Audio driver for Sony PCV-RS710G
Need help to find the sound driver for model pcv-rs710g. sony websites is useless even there tech support. been looking for this driver for 2days now w/ no luck! pls. help anyone...

thanks in advance
well thats a bugger.
not listed in sony's downloads and not listed in the main spec sheet what sound chip it has.

all is not lost, please download everest from this link,

install and run that program on the laptop.
with the program running, look in the left hand list for muitmedia
click the little + next to it.
then click pnp/pci audio

with luck everest will tell you what the chip number is and i should be able to find you a driver.
Thanks i'll do.
this what it gave me.

Intel 82801EB ICH5-AC'97 Audio Controller (A2/A3)

thanks again.
hum that don't sound right its given you the intel controller and not the chip,

ok lets try this way.
click motherboard in the left hand list , then click motherboard again in the large box.
it should list the motherboard make and model,
let me know what that is.
it says its an ASUS P4SD-VL.
yeah thats what i just found out as well, been doing some searching on that model.
asus use soundmax on alot of their boards, that being a oem board made by asus for sony it will not show up
in asus support pages, so what i am just doing now is trying to find a board thats a close match to yours and download the audio driver from it.
i will upload the driver to my filesite and post a link in a few mins
right driver its downloading is the ADI 1980, i already have that asus driver its very common one they use.
click here

download and fully unpack the ADI 1980 then try installing it on your system.
ill try it and let you know the verdic.
Tried all of them but no luck. used the driver1980 but at the end of installation i get error saying "driver not found" I dont know what it is but it seems lots of ppl having problem with sony sound driver. I already wasted many hours on this unit & decided to get a $10 sound card to fix my problem. thanks so much for all your help. i really appreciated.

sony are a pain they like to write the system number in to drivers.
however try doing it this way.

unpack the driver in to a folder on your desktop.
go in to device manager, right click on the problem card should be showing with a yellow !

select update driver, don't let windows search, click i will choose what driver to install.
now browse to the unpacked driver files on your desktop.
open the folder and find the folder smaxwdm open that folder, then windows 2k/xp folder highlight any of the files showing and click next
see if windows will expect the driver that way.
that will bypass all of the soundmax self install and give windows a chance just to load the basic wdm driver files its looking for.

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