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How configure audio dv4-1145br with XP?
Hi, I've managed to install xp on most laptops from hp, but two weeks ago that I'm trying to run the audio from the dv4-1145br. According to the website of HP is the IDT HD AUDIO CODEC, but I downloaded the most and does not work. I have already installed the UAA and still does not work. Currently no longer appears as unidentified.
I intend from now on supporting the site and would appreciate if someone could inform me how to run the audio of this notebook.

I'm sorry by english bad!
think this laptop came pre installed with windows vista and you have downgraded the o/s to windows xp ?

when doing a downgrade such as this its inportant that you are using windows xp pro with sp2 only, you should not upgrade or use sp3 till all the hardware is running,
the UAA will not work with sp3 and maybe the reason why you now have no sound.

some of the IDT HD range is the older sigamtel chipsets as IDT bought them out,
what you will need to do is call up the device id string of that sound and find out if its a newer idt chip or the older sigamtel chip.

there are a few drivers on the net such as this one
but it depends on what chip is in that laptop.

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