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sony vaio vgn-nw71fb
i hv here a non working keyboard for the said laptop. it is new laptop..and the owner said, she bought it last month only. she is requesting to format it from japanese to english. well, the prob is i am afraid if i will format it and the prob will still exist.

and my 2nd option if we resolve the keyboard issue.. i can use the so called vistalizator were u can change any language interface to another without formating. i had tried it for 3x without any problem. right now, i don't know if it is locked or there's any prob with the hardware?
to be honest i would not format that laptop.
if its only a month old tell the owner to send it back to sony, get the keyboard problem sorted out by them.

when it come backs then see if you can change the language.

if there is a problem with the hardware inside that machine and you put a screw driver anywhere near it she will loose the warranty.
best to send it back get it sorted first.
ok..sending back the unit to the owner.
yeah best way really, tell her when it gets back repaired you will look in to changing the language for her.

might be a good idea to tell her why you won't take a screw driver to that laptop.
already handed over her the unit and she told me this.. before it happened (the mulfunctioning of keyboard), she said that there's a vaio update that pop-out...she click yes then starting to update..but it takes some time until she decided to shut it down..meaning she aborted the vaio's update. i tried to google the prob and i found out that i'm afraid the warranty already voided by her. i noticed one of the drivers warning stated that u must not turn it off or make the pc to standby or hybernate..this will cause a prob and it will not cover the warranty..something like that. i think there's a prob on the bios. that's what i learned after she told me that vaio's update.

lol..for sure, one of these days..she will return it to me bcoz the warranty already voided! lol!
so right now..we have to get my ourselves ready to flash her bios! lol!

pls try to check this out thru google chrome were it will automatically translate the site to english..

u can check one of the driver..stating that warning before u download it.
i can see two update to the blueray firmware.
if you shut the laptop down before its finished loading those that blueray rom will be dead.

most of those updates are sony's own crappy software, and a few for sound problems
#7 it goes...i recieved the unit again i expected.

before i started, i took off the battery and stays overnight without power. then, the following day, i made partition where i can preserved the original OS. on the english OS, i put the vaio update english version where i can understand the needed updates on it and tried to dl some programs/software/driver... whollllllaaaaaaaaa! it fixes the problem. right now, i tried to observe it for an hrs..doing all things, from shutting down, restarting, web browsing etc..and it works perfectly fine!

i don't know if there's a relation on putting away the battery/power. where i think the machine resets itself...
sounds more like it finished doing one of its updates then started working.
ah ok.....and it was additional experienced that i learned from fixin' computer. it's fun.. engaging in different situations and problems. thanks as usual dave for your usual help and always on my back!

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