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I apparently have no graphics card
I need a video controller (vga compatible) driver for my toshiba satellite a20 psa20c.

If it helps when i go into dxdiag i click on display and under device its either blank or says N/A.

And in device manager it shows a question mark over PCI modem, universal bus controller, and video controller (vga compatible)

If someone could me out with this id really appreciate it thanks :D
hi marvhen..drivers for that laptop can be found here...

just scroll down to the middle then u will find the driver u needed. hope this could help.

and u can ask/advice further with the expert mr davey and mr biggles.
this is the correct driver for that laptop direct from toshiba.

GFX card http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/...20vid2.exe

modem http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/...20mdmx.exe

the usb problem is down to your chipset , however its listed as the old Ali M1672 + M1535
windows should auto load the drivers for that from windows update, so if you have not done so already please
run windows update and install all the service packs and the usb / chipset problem will be sorted
I'm still trying to keep this old Gericom Smart Power laptop going. The spec seems ok and I have 1.5meg of Ram but it won't upload and playback video from my DV camcorder. Playback is very poor and skips frames. I used windows movie maker on xp. I think the video/ gpu driver is not the most up to date but can't find it listed on the nvidia site! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Tried to install Pinnacle and tols me my video card wasn't up to it. Cheers
that laptop had the nvidia 5600 stand alone card in it.
i know i use to have one of those machines myself along time ago.
last known driver that supports that can be downloaded direct from nvidia

i would also advise you run windows update as i know microsoft have a driver in their downloads.

Pinnacle was a very very system hungry program i used it a few times in the past with a pentium D 3 gig machine and even then it use to freeze and crash.
roxio 7.5 also has a movie maker in it and its less system heavy on the hardware then todays version so might be worth trying to get hold of that if you still having problems
oh yeah now i remember lol
that model has a very very poor battery in it and if like my one your battery is dead and past it i would advise you do not replace it with a new one.
my machine dropped dead the second i replaced the battery because unknown to me the power control boards in those laptops are not very good at all.

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