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HP Mini 110 Laptop
A friend has an HP Mini 110 laptop. Worked fine last night when he shut it off.

Then this morning he goes to turn it on and it starts to boot up like normal and then you see the blue screen flicker real fast and then it reboots again.

This is all it does over & over. It's not but 3 months old I believe.

Tried booting into Safe Mode by holding/tapping F8 key but then the Boot Manager comes up and the only choice it gives is to choose an operating system (XP is the only choice).

Choose that and the computer reboots and cycles all over again.

I know HP products are notorious but any ideas?
Finally got the Safe Mode screen to come up. But when I hit "Boot in Safe Mode" or Last Known Good Settings (or whatever it is), it goes back to rebooting the computer over & over again...
hummmm, the old blue screen reboot loop

your not going to like me for this, reinstall windows using the recovery disk.
its the only real way to find out if its software or hardware fault.
if its a hardware fault windows will not install and the machine will have to go back to hp for repair.

what ever you do do not try anything other then the HP disk at this stage, if you have to send it back and they find out you
tryed to install windows from your own disk they can and do say you damaged the machine, HP will look for any silly reason
to not repair that machine.
Thanks Davey,

We are in Afghanistan at the moment and this machine has no CD drive and he doesn't have the disc either. I told him to send it back to HP and let his warranty take care of it...
not sure if your model has this, but i was just reading this at hp for people that don't have the disk to hand, it may work enough to get you out of trouble.

When the notebook is powered on, press the wireless button to turn ON the wireless switch.
Reboot the Notebook PC.
Press f11 to boot from the Recovery Manager.
Click Next when Welcome to Recovery Manager displays.
Select No and then click Next when Microsoft System Restore displays.
Select Yes and then click Next when System Recovery displays.
Select the appropriate item (backup file or not) and then click Next when Recover your computer to original factory condition displays.
Allow the system recovery process to complete.
Your computer will be restored to its original factory condition. You may use your computer normally after logging in to Windows.

info come direct from hp.

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