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video mode not supported
i found a machine from a junk...and had check inside and it was intact...model, sotec pc station pv2240m. i am using a multi hub switch r where i can switch pc's and use my current keyboard as well as my mouse and the monitor. after plugging the rgv chord and usb...i turn it on, i saw the logo w/c is sotec..then followed by black screen with keep on blinking (cursor)... that's all...i tried to put an installer (OS) and after the logo, it prompted me to strike any keybaord to boot on dvd...then video mode not supported occurs... what's wrong with this? this is my 1st time i encountered this prob on my switching hub if it is relevant on the prob. well, if i can get this working...i probably take off the memory, hd and dvd rom...hehehe!
your using a KVM switch, i have one myself saves unplugging everything while your testing.

the problem comes if its a cheap switch, mine can control 4 pc's at once but most do two.

just try it direct to the monitor if it still buggers about check it on another monitor it case it don't like your own one.

also check the video card in that machine in case thats why they dumped it, it has a low rise AGP port going the spec i found.

to be honest its not a over the top machine as its got the celeron cpu.
yeah i saw it too..well, they will not dumped it if it is a top machine. lol
if i can have this working..i will use it for downloading anime and movies i want...and games too!

video card is built-in with motherboard. casing is thin.. maybe if i can use other case were i can place video card on it. i still hv old 7600 gs nvidia.

i will check it later...after watching band of brothers episodes on tv shack. hehehe
just take the case off and shove your card in the AGP port, see if it works or not then worry about a new case.

you can get low rise AGP cards for barebone systems on ebay.
see what socket it has and what chipset then you should be able to dump that celeron chip for a p4
the machine is now working..i bought a 2nd hand atx casing for 2k yen only that includes, dvd rom as well as psu. then i saw celeron d again but it's a 3.2 ghz for only 1k yen..so i immediately grab that. lol imagine. for only 30 dollars..i got a working pc for downloading purposes..hehehe

all perfectly working...i will use it only for downloading movies, music, games and other programs. love it!

i will take this thread to ask further.. i'm still having a problem with regards of multiple rar files especially on games. i can't burn them on dvd/cd. for example..the game files was devided into 10 rar files.. with the same mb as well as file name. can't extract them into the same folder..it should be in different folders.. now, if u extract it in different folder, how can i burn this? if you will try to joint the file in magic iso...the file already exist and you will be prompted to replace the file or not. can't figure it out.
there is a program that will stich together a spilt file download and for the love of god i can't remember what its called.
maybe it will come to me while i am sleeping.
i used it myself and really can't remember what its called.

while i am thinking about this what do you think of the new rss ticker i put on the home page ?

need some input from members to see if they like it or not.
i remember now. give this a try.

i take it you have tryed unpacking all the files in to just one folder on your desktop ?

I know you said its a winrar file but it really depends on what program was used to make those archives.
it may not have been the main winrar program its self.
it's more simpler. i like it. by looking for highlighted logo/icon, u will see the new updates/comments posted. it's good idea.

ok..actually i am using 7zip and winrar for compressed files..i will give it a try.
yeah thats why i done it, now need to make room in the template for partners.
not sure how i am going to do that yet, might mean new site template but i don't want to
do that if i can help it.
i have a few partners lined up, since goggle changed the dam rules again the site is not breaking even.
so i am going to dump their backsides and go for partners with anti-virus, firewalls e.t.c
sounds like too complicated huh.. i know you will do what would be the best for the site...keep up the good work davey! thumbs up!
the plan is this.
get the site to pay for its own server on a top of the range host.
i want to stop all the down time from hostmonster limiting the site.
but the host companies are greedy when you want your own server, your talking about $300 + per month

as much as i love my site i don't feel that should come out of my pocket.
he say's lol it is at the moment, i paid to upgrade at hostmonster the problem is i think its still on a shared server

while i am nagging about things for the site, do you know anyone that would help the site out for free to build a driver database for us ?
i really need a php to mysql database programmer, something i can't do as i am a hardware man myself.
even learning how to build this site took me a while, but now with my memory problems learning that sort of thing is impossible.
well it looks like the site got the thumbs up from AVG, Kaspersky Labs, winrar.
I applyed for discounts for my site members and got it when they saw the sites hit rate.
i will have to find time this week and sit down and add a bit here and take a bit away there.
that's good news for everyone here in the site!
maybe u can add their logo too...i mean, since they are supporting the site as well.

i don't hv any idea with regards to a site..however, try checking this free creating flash web site if it can help.. which i think one of these can do much better...
http://www.wix.com/ and http://members.webs.com/index.jsp

actually i am planning to make a sample..like radio station of my own. lol bcoz i am desperated dj...hahaha!
well i am now exercising it from a program called virtual dj. lol
download a free template off the net and use frontpage to edit it.
thats what i done with this site, mind you as the site has grown i had to learn some parts of
dreamweaver to add what i want as it was not supported by frontpage.

remember one thing a flash site takes longer load you could as i did run in to host package overload and be forced
to move your site, static HTML is much better if possible.
ah ok..now i know the difference between them. thanks for ur advice.
don't know if you noticed the new goggle search on the site forums ?
i added that yesterday as i got fed up opening a new window/tab everytime i wanted to search for a answer.
had to read how to add that to the php code of the forum lol
seems to work the way i wanted.
i am still learning just as you are the amount of reading and try this and try that before the site starts to look the way you want.

best way to view your work before you upload it is to use something like wamp. its a server you run on your own pc.
yeah i saw it yesterday..

lots of reading and studying the process...once i hv a chance, i will make sample too. on w/c i think someday i will needed also.
been playing with my sites code, lol opps

this test page maybe the way the site will look.
the white empty box is where the ads will go.
its cool!
u added more attractions to the site..thats good!
i hope soon u will ended playing.. i mean working on site's code. lol
yeah when i am happy with it i will go live with all the new pages.
its a lot to change and make sure its all inline and none of the pages jump about.

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