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notice the AVG link at the top of the forum.
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i like the page. it's so simple but the contents rocks!

ur right! no ad..LOL
do we hv discount too on microsoft?
no such luck , i did try as well lol lol

microsoft have got to the point where they shut down their programs.
thats what happens when a company get so big and sticks it nose up its own backside.
dave, i will use this thread since this is related also in video..
i have here.. a NEC LaVie L LL700/6D laptop. the owner told me that it was transformed into widows 7 english OS by someone. the machine is too old and to slow to handle windows 7 and i noticed that it has a prob on device drivers. so i decided to bring it back to xp and managed the drivers except for's graphics driver. i tried to re install the driver several times and in safe mode too..but no luck. i also used omega drivers but problem occured upon installing. here's the exact laptop specs...

although, i didn't tried to reintall it's chipset driver due to limited time working on that laptop.. i will try to reload/reinstall the chipset driver this coming sunday. any suggestion davey before i go there?
agreed the specs are too low to run windows 7 at its best.

the nec english driver can be found here.

if that won't install install the main chipset drivers and don't forget to update direct x

if it all still fails nec site may be wrong so don't forget everest.
look in the left hand list for display, click the + next to it the GPU

now sometimes ati driver tossed salad can happen if you try too many drivers, what you have to do is this.
first off download the driver sweeper program from here ( second version )

install it but don't run it.
go in to add remove programs and remove all the old drivers you have tryed to install.
shut the laptop down, start in safe mode and run the driver sweeper program, tell it ati display.
it will clear the junk out.
once it done restart in normal mode, update direct x once again then try the above nec driver.
prob is solved! i used all u had said...including direct x and removing all old drivers installed thru add remove programs. and i think driver sweeper cleared it all..then it allows me to clean install the chipset driver were graphics adapter is also integrated. all perfectly working. thanks for the additional info specially the driver sweeper. i always used everest...its my best freind..2nd to you! LOL

again..thank you very much!
thank you for your advice, i have the same problem with you. But after following your steps, I can fix it
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Does your graphics card have two outputs? If so, have you tried switching the connection over?

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