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zs 211 on windows 7

I am trying to run my webcam zs 211 6 leds webcam on win7 pro 64 bits.

ID device string : {58a4f2cf-448b-11df-a340-001fd027ef1e}

I tried to make it work with the 64 bits drivers of your section (ZS211 64bit driver) but no way...

Thank you for your help
try installing it with your firewall and anti-virus shut down, use the compatibility wizard and tell windows 7 to use vista settings.

how to use that wizard can be found here, vista , windows 7 both work the same way on this.
in fact the wizard and install is ok.
but after the installation, my camera is not recognized in my system.
It is indicated with a "!"
if your using the driver i have onsite here.

try doing it the way i have listed here for vista . don't worry vista /windows 7 work the same way on this.

try the install without exe file.

if it installs don't try running that amcap program just open your IM program and use the cam wizard to set the cam up.

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