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edup wifi card
hi davey how you doing ?

been ages since i asked for your help but i find myself in trouble once more, my brother bought and fitted a edup wifi card he got off ebay in to my pc, problem is the small cd disk that came with it is blank.

i have spent all afternoon searching for a driver without any luck i can not even find the company site edup
driverguide have it listed well sort of but as normal there is no correct answer over there.

can you help me please ?
driverguide ? why on earth did you look at that place ?

kind Mr K keeps pinched my work and passed it off as his own, ggrrrr

could not find edup ?
i found it but then i have a way of finding these little jap companies, their site address is.
not sure what card you have so look at their product list and let me know what card your brother bought.
they have a few downloads in the download section but they might not be the correct one for your card.
if its not listed download everest, run it, in the left hand list click network , pnp/pci network
then the pci card, everest may list what chipset is being used inside that card.

might also be worth your while on trying to call up its device id string as well smoo.

please no more talk of driverguide while your here thats like ultra swearing to me, lol lol lol
ok i won't say driverguide again opps lol lol
is this the number you wanted ?
don't know how you found that page, i searched high and low for that,
even hum driverguide could not find it.
but its this card.
tut tut did you really expect driverguide to sit and search to find edup ?
they just won't do that sort of thing.

anyway to your problem card, that device id string leads me to Atheros
possible 5001 or 5002.
this set of drivers should get it up and running.
its one zip file please unpack it you will find windows xp / vista / windows 7 drivers in that one zip
open the windows vista folder and double click the setup exe file.
thank you thank you.
those drivers worked my card,
your site still has to be best free advice on the net for
dimwits like myself.
(06-27-2010, 01:38 PM)smoo Wrote: your site still has to be best free advice on the net

ah if only everyone felt like that the site would be in the top 100,000
as yet my little site is still pretty much unkown.
Hey there. I have the same issue as the person before. My device ID is USB\VID_0457&PID_0163\5&18D2B324&0&6.

I really hope you can help.

i think thats the Mercury KOB WL550

try the driver listed here.
i have the edup 802.11n wireless usb adaptor it works but im trying to work out how to run it faster the 54mbps and closer to the 150mbps advertised im not very good with computers but getting better so i get confused with some things (no laughing) any help would be great
What brand name and model number is your Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router? (whichever you use). It may only handle 802.11g or if it does handle 802.11n then there may be a setting that needs to be change in the device to use the faster speed.
Hi, hope you can help. I have the 108MBPS PCI card. I was looking high and low for the driver but had no joy.

I am running Win XP 32bit.
can you post the device id string from your card i will check up what chipset its using.
The eBay seller provided me the links for it, figured I'd post them here for anyone else that gets the same problem.


XP Driver

Vista Driver

Windows 7 Driver
thank you. i have downloaded these as i know what edup is like.
i will keep them just in case.
hi davey i'm new on your website.it's lovely :)) i'm looking for "EDUP 54Mbps/11Mbps WIRELESS LAN CARD IEEE802.11b/g" driver i have checked your topic but links are dead.please find it for me.when you find it let me know you can pm me or you can email me.thanx a lot.
edup use a rnage of controllers in there cards, please check yuour model number with their download section.


if thats of no help i have two listed here http://www.davesdriversfiles.com/memberu...lteros.zip but my host of the files site is down and i don't know why so will just drop a email off them to find out why thats not working.
I also have a backup for that one as well and it can be found here along with the 5007.
if all else fails grab the device id string and i can try and sort it out from that.
i checked out edup's website but i couldn't find it. i looked at my card's model it's an "edup ed-1541".some kind of oldie stuff.i'm searching right now but i've found nothing.i'll be grateful if you can find.thanx
if what i was just reading is correct that card is based on the railink 2070 chipset.
railink are a pain when trying to download they are so slow its like watching paint dry however i do have that driver listed here
and its worth a go.

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