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Usb keyboard
Hi dave

Got a pc here an old packardbel

complaint is that the keyboard doesn't work, ive tested it and it works in bios and right up until xp boot screen.

Bad motherboard or bad OS?

I don't havea ps2 1 and when i get windows loaded i can't log in without keyboard.

Also safemode wont boot either.
sounds like windows has not loaded the driver for the keyboard.
teh fact you can enter the bios and move around it tells me the bios and motherboard are working.
its got to be a windows fault in the USB drivers or missing mainboard drivers.

what you can try and do is this.
pull the keyboard out the usb and just start the pc.
when you get the welcome screen plug the keyboard in to another usb port not the one you have been using.
you can't see it but windows will run the found new hardware wizard behind that welcome screen.
give it a min or two then try the keyboard.
soretd it, ended up buying a ps2 keyboard then re installed usb keyboard!
update the main board chipset drivers while you at it ste.
windows should have seen that as a standard usb keyboard.
I packed it back up ready for sending but they asked me to update the ram. now i have it set back up again mouse keyboard wont work!!!

So im going to format it re install xp and download all drivers / latest windows updates and see what happens then.

seems abit strange to me..

The pc looks like it has never been wiped before as it has 4 full menus of crap in start menu never seen so many programes on a 512mbram pc lol.
format c drive and start over.

reset bios back to full defaults after you have installed the ram.
if its a older p/b look for a bios update to see if you can add more ram.
oh yeah my mum is moaning its too hot in the uk ?

hot she wants to be here, lol lol 39 today, phew good old aircon soon drages that back down to 19
Have tried 2 different copys of xp both say press any key to boot when u do it freezes
ok check your memory simms.
a feeze on the boot from cdrom option is normaly down to the memory simm's
or bad bios irq

if the cdrom is still spinning and the light is flashing its seaching the disk for a track, if that happens change the xp install disk as it might be a weak cdrom reader, or bad disk.
sorted it now cds wernt burning right, all fine now!
usb keyboards got problems some time.specially if you buy from a local store.always buy a new one with warranty and with a driver cd.a friend of mine bought it and it did not have driver cd with it.
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a usb keyboard is the same as a ps2 keyboard in many ways windows will load up a standard driver that will run the basic keyboard.
the driver cd that comes with a usb keyboard is for the hotkeys and shortcuts around the keyboard its self.

don't forget your bios, it must be set to accept the usb keyboard or it may not be seen on bootup.

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