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i-o data HDH - U750SR external hard disk
my friend gave me a hard disk with the said model. however, i can find the right driver for this. everytime i plugged this, it doesnt recognized...only disk drives and it cannot install the hardware..always had a problem on installing. i used everest and here's the outcome...

Field Value
Device Properties
Driver Description Disk drive
Hardware ID USBSTOR\DiskI-O_DATAHDH-USR_________5.30

here's the site but cant find the right driver or software that can trigger this to work. http://www.iodata.jp/lib/product/h/1740.htm
i am using xp sp3.

i also tried to install the software/program called hdbackup...and error occured...it says...you must set up a locale option in japanese to install this. thats weird, there's no option were you can choose something.

hoping for your usual help big bro!
if you go to the page you posted, then translate it.
click the windows xp link and it gives you a download that i would think is the correct driver for that ex case.

i am pretty sure from what i translated this is the correct driver

the other problem i can see is this is a jap product that i think is only sold on their own market, if thats the case a english o/s may not be able to run the software.
i guess your right...i can't install those 4 files on that link..it gives me error.
that was usually the prob here in japan units/machine, it is clearly intended for japanese user only. you can usually saw it on all sony brands. but i will give it a try for couple of days, if i can do some tricks.. i hope so..LOL
the only other way really is to take the ex case apart and find out what controller chipset is being used then see if you can find a english driver set for that chipset.
ah ok..yes i will. i will give you feedback as soon as i done that. thank you!

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