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Sound Mixer
Just a quick question that I've been trying to figure out about sound mixers. How do I know if I actually have one?

I bring up the sound options and it says I have Realtek Sound Mixer, is that really a sound mixer? Or do I actually need a sound card to have a mixer?
well yes and no really, the realtek mixer is almost the same as the creative mixer.
it allows you to do a limted amount with your sounds such as change the voice to robot or make it sound like your sitting in a hall with pro logic.

because they are part of the sound card drivers they are very limited.
for full mixing of tracks one at a time you really need a good software package and hardware.
Oh, So if I wanted to mix 2 sounds at the same time could I do it? Like lets say I wanted to do a broadcast a live stream and I had sound from my computer and a microphone going at the same time, would it work?
not sure what your thinking here.
but what you listed will work if the sound is all coming from your soundcard at the same time.

IE you could broadcast a music track and use a mic at the same time while you broadcast that.

if say you wanted to lay two tracks on top of each other.
like you have a music track then wanted to lay a voice track over the top of the music background you will need software.
roxio sound editor would do that sort of thing.
hi davey and vypergt! for me..i suggest the software/program called virtual dj. u can check the site.. and kindly check some footage from youtube like... moreover, it is best to suit it up with vestax vci-100.

it is used by dj for mixing sounds nowadays. u can use the program even u dont have external mixer like vestax. using keyboard and mouse would be fine. this is also been used in camfrog were they are broadcasting their songs while chatting in the room.

hope someday u would be a digital dj like me! LOL
nope gave up doing music ages ago, mind you saying that i did make ten new tracks last year. lol lol lol
i will send you one and see what you think of it.

yes i have used that virtual dj in the past as its best to have your own mixer if possible and connect it to the pc.
but when lack of money is a problem virtual programs like that do offer you something.

btw did you get my email regarding win2k ?
really, pls give me some..or all! LOL!
i will try to play it on our disco pub. hehehe!
tried mixing/maship up songs..kind weird on outcome! LOL

nope..i didn't received anything. actually i am still waiting your reply regarding win2k.
did send you a email on the 12/7 to your yahoo account.

just sent it again if its not in your inbox check your junk folder.
ok will dig out a track for you and send a link for it.
bet you won't like it not what you would call disco music thats for sure lol lol lol.
hahaha! who knows? we might like it...LOL
let's wait and see if they will throw me potatoes or something after playing it! LOL

currently downloading the win2k. thank you very much!
done! thank you very much!
they would throw more then spuds at you ( uk slang there, spuds = potatoes )
I like my new age music mate and done some of my own lol lol lol
some people had a worried look on their face when i was walking round the garden at 4.30am recording bird song to add to some tracks.

play that in a club and you would never play again, lol lol

i like all different music

new age music
and alot of the local clubs out here remixes of the older tracks.

i just can't stand what is passed as so called music these days.
my god some plays dizzy rascal to me i would break the cd over their head, what a load of crap that stuff is.
kids like it but i can't dam well stand it.
out here even the most up to date clubs for the kids don't play that sort of track or they walk out and straight in to the club next door.

If i wanted someone to talk aload of balls about nothing at all i would just let my other half get drunk.
oh i see...
but we do love the same music.

i do like

80s especially new wave and pop
slow rock
and some rnb

that's the reason why i do like lady gaga for bringing back the pop to charts. i thought pop songs is dead and the reigning rnb will dominate for years..but thanks to lady gaga who's sounds is more on 80s and her voice is like early madonna.

i do remember when my father told me before that every time he listened to the new music especially rnb..he told me that "these songs will never be appreciated in heaven! " LOL

i like 80s especially the instruments date, a little beat will do and i can't understand why most of people do appreciate that simple and no talent composition. LOL LOL LOL

well i guess...we're getting old and new generation is in. LOL

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