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asus eee pc 901
hi davey! i have here the said laptop. the old owner gave it to my friend and they noted that they tried to reinstall OS and they failed to get the drivers. i reinstalled xp home and manage to have almost all drivers..exept for the chipset driver. i have the driver but always got an error upon installing it. but the biggest problem i have is the keyboard. it's not working/functioning. but the power botton, touchpad and built-in web cam is working. any idea on this?
at the moment..keyboard is working but not all keys and with mulfunctions..i made sample on notepad if keyboard is perfectly working and some had a prob when you press/click the will continuous/non-stop to encoding it.
this is on eof those early asus netbooks that never really did sell that much
now from i was just reading and there is alot to read about these models.
some come shipped with windows xp and some with linux.

do you know what this came shipped with ?
it maybe one of the linux machines, if thats the case load linux mint on it and try the system.

** quick edit **
I was just reading this.

i would think if that pc has a SSD drive the chances are it should be running linux.

as this model differs so much can you turn it upside down and list it full model number as printed on its sticker, i stand a better chance of finding out its full specs that way.
if the spec i just tracked down at asus is correct this is the correct INTEL INF file you need for the main board as its using the atom N270 and thats should be sitting on the intel 945 chipset.

quick check with intel, atom N270 showed that chipset.

specs i tracked down are
Operating System Genuine Windows® XP Home
GNU Linux
Display 8.9"
CPU & Chipset Intel® Atom N270
Memory 1GB (DDR2)
Wireless Data Network WLAN: 802.11 n
Bluetooth: YES
Hybrid Storage XP: 12GB / 16 GB Solid State Drive
Linux: 20GB Solid State Drive
20GB Eee Storage

*Eee Storage service is complimentary for the first 18 months. Please register account information for 6 months extension (depend on country)
Camera 1.3M Pixel
Audio Dolby Sound Room Certified (XP only)
Stereo speaker
Digital Array Mic
Battery 6-Cell Li-ion Battery
XP: 8 hrs*
LX: 7.2 hrs*

*Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations. Learn more about battery life >
Weight 1.1 kg
Infusion Sakura, Sweet Pea, Urban Metropolis, Peony White, Pearl White, Fine Ebony, Navy Blue, Chocolate Gold
eeepc901-0k010x sn 07oaaq058850 vn 2316
its windows home edition

i tried to check the keyboard once again and now totally not working.
now installing the chipset you provided..
i still have bt-253 which is the bluetooth and unknown device which is microsoft acpi-compliant system prob. still figuring it out...
use everest to pinpoint the bluetooth chipset.
i just looking at the driver for windows xp for the bluetooth and i am 90% sure its a broadcom.

you can try this auto detect at broadcom.

this is for windows o/s

on the acpi check with everest, it should list the correct chipset inside that machine.
intel list 945 but that may not be correct.
thanks..broadcom fixed the prob.
on the other hand...

asus atk - 100 apci utility

btw, the keyboard still not functioning? is there any idea on that particular prob? i am using external usb keyboard only on this laptop
i read some forum regarding on keyboard prob and it usually says..placing new keyboard will fix the problem. is that true?
i admit i was thinking it could be a keyboard membrane problem.
those little keyboards are not well made and don't take the beating of a normal keyboard.

take the keyboard out and check its connection ribbon.

i was reading about that acpi problem.

pop over to asus site and download and install the atk power config
for that netbook.
also under utilities , download and install the asus auto update and run it.
anything missing should be picked up and installed.
i gave back the unit to the owner and she is still thinking either she will buy a new one or will order the keyboard. i tried to check its connection but it was all properly installed. i guess we're right that that keyboard membrane is the problem. thanks davey..btw, sorry for the late reply..i was too busy these days due to long working hrs. in fact, i am thinking of playing psp while waiting for the busy working hrs. LOL

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