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New setup
Hi dave

What are your recomendations on a new board & cpu for my mums pc. needs to be decent with good mem as shes always on the pc and her current one always hangs.

but also needs to be a decent price nothing too pricey
the new i series are going to be out your price range on this i think.

the only good thing about the new range of intel chips is the older versions have dropped in price.
i would haev to say core 2 with ddr 2 is your best bet for a good reasonably priced system that should do anything.

if your a sucker and don't mind amd take a look at their newer range of 3 or 6 core cpu's
the chips maybe cheap but they make up the price on the motherboards.

if you want dirt cheap but still more then your mum will ever use the older pent D upper models 2 x 3.2 or 3.4 on a stable intel 965 chipset would be more then enough for day to day computing.

this any good?
not really ste, its the Intel celeron e3300.
good for heat build up but they can run bloody slow,
the E series of the celeron are just pent D as they only have 1mb or 2 mb side cache
also lacks all the embedded options of the core 2 and even the older options of the pent D
to cut its power usage and over all heat.

this would make a good set up
board =

chip =

memory = 2 pf these

you will need a cheap GFX card with that board nvdia 9000gt would work well.
Hi dave i got the exact board that u posted above lol, u still think i should go with the chip you said?
yeah thats about the best core 2 that board will support as it only supports 1066 fsb.
of corse you could go Quad Core with that fsb but that depends on your wallet Grin
lol i will go for that one then, will see if theres any cheaper ones first. Cheers Dave
cheaper option would be the Pentium D one of the later ones 940 or 945

or this core 2 which has a little less side cache

i would not advise getting the bigger ones of pentium D 3.6 or 3.8 they are unstable and get bloody hot but the 945 is a reasonable chip i still have one i bought from new in a server and it runs fine
you can still run a 64bit version of windows on those chips as well
Hi dave

I know you dont like seagate but look at the specs of this drive!

what brand would you recommend with good specs?
tut tut you don't know me by now Nono

samsung ste, and look for a sata 3 drive as they are now out and work faster then the older sata 2 like that seagate.

seagate indeed Rapps
yup i have 6 of those in my pc's i can say without a doubt they are dam good drives

you will find they run cooler then seagate.

if you get that drive pop on to samsungs site and register it.

Will this cable work this that drive? as the discription says sata2.. never used sata before
yes that cable will work, but look for ones that have the clips on them.
its all to easy to knock these sata cables off the board or the drive.

make sure you psu has the sata power adapter on it,
have alook here about sata.
Just got an old laptop of mine out that died ages ago with power jack, just fitted a new one but now it powers on with no screen.

I was a bad lad and used no anti static strap.. do you think the motherboard is dead??

external screens wont work eaither.
clear the bios, remove all power from the board.

take the memory out, leave for a few hours to drain any possible static charge.
then try it.
Fixed it now gave it a good bang! Lol if in doubt give it a clout
you bad boy, something was not sitting right, may well have been the computer tech repairing the laptop.
I have been looking for the old fauty chip that use to be in the amiga.
been trying to find Commodore's released fix to the tech world.

i remember it well but i think you would sooner of seen it in print, anyway can't find it as it is bloody old.

commodore's fix for amgia's shipped with poor fitting chip to socket, lift machine 2" above desk and drop flat.
the knock use to re-seat the chip and the computer went back to the onwer without them knowing what just happend.

I was a good boy even back in those days i use to remove the case scews, lift the keyboard and push the chip back down with my finger.

LOL sounds like my kind of fix!!!!

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