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New setup
hi dave can't seem to tell if the PSU's on maplins website are sata compatible.. could you have a look and find me the cheapest one that will run that system?
(10-20-2010, 02:10 PM)davey6 Wrote: yes that cable will work, but look for ones that have the clips on them.
its all to easy to knock these sata cables off the board or the drive.

make sure you psu has the sata power adapter on it,
have alook here about sata.

Will this one do?
yes it will work but its a cheapo psu ste.

maplins are crap from what i can see of what they have to offer, again cheap psu.

one place you should really not try and save a few £££ is on your psu,
if you have the monehy go for a known and proven brand.

ended up getting the one above, works ok got a yea warrenty so if it does fail il send it off. the pc is very fast!!!

There are 4 memory slots and i put 2 sticks in should they be 1 in each chanel or 2 in 1?
now i have just banned yet another spammer i can answer you,
i do like using the old ban stick of late then reporting the dam thing to stop forum spam.

if you have 4 slots you need one stick in slot one and one in slot three that will give you a dual channel support.
if you use slot 1 and 2 its single channel

bots simms must match both in size and speed to get dual channel.
IE 2 x 512 ddr 400 e.t.c

is that psu heavy or light ?
if its light its cheap so use a power surge protector with it as they are more prone to blowing out due to a power surge on the mains.

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