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Windows 7-XP Dual boot problem
I'm working on a Sony laptop, that came with Win. 7, I created a partition for XP, installed it, then tried to setup the dual boot option with Easy BCD, to repair the 7 bootloader.
But can't seem to get it working right, I know the best way to do this to install XP first, which I've done before, & was succesfull.
This laptop belongs to a friend.
Does anybody have a method that has worked for them?
I know the 7 bootloader can be repaired with the original OS installation disk from a cmd prompt, but my friend doesn't have it.
give this one a try i used it once with xista and it worked.

as vista / windows 7 use the same mbr it should work

this guide will show you the correct way to use easybcd.
not done it this way myself but after reading that guide it should work without a problem.

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