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Help Please
Hi Dave
I have a Dell Dimension 2400 working with Xp and cant get my Internet going could you please find the right drivers for me, i tried to download some but it said install lol i cant install this on this computer it will not give me the option to save.

Any help would be great thanks in advance.
can't downoad from dell ?

click here.

then under communication click the +
then select the modem ( conexant )
click the download, a new box will open, click download by your browser
it will then give you the option to save where you want the file to save to.

if you looking for the lan driver its listed under network and its the broadcom driver.
same as above to download the driver to where you want it.
Nice thanks problem solved and download saved, it looks like i may need more drivers for the sound lets see if i do i know where to come :)
sound is listed in the same list under audio.

if its running the onboard sound the chances are its the ADI 198x and not the creative which was a upgrade option on that model.
I got it from the same place as you have stated thanks for the help anyway
See if Windows Update will pick up a driver for it.

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