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Satellite P105-S6114 System Function Key Drivers
My HDD on this laptop recently crashed. I have several good images of it but for some reason when I attempt to install an image on the new (larger) HDD I purchased it won't start up properly, so I decided to just install XP Pro Fresh. The OS installed perfectly, and runs fine. I've downloaded the Fingerprint scanner, audio and video drivers, and it's all working great.

However for some reason the Fn keys on the keyboard don't work at all. I'm presuming that there must be a set of Toshiba Utilities or drivers, or a keyboard utility that I require that runs those, however I see nothing on the Toshiba website that addresses that.

Can anybody advise if they know how to address this? I have the ability to browse the images of the original drive I created, if I know where the drivers were, and the inf files perhaps I could port those to the new OS install, but I don't know if it's possible, or the process to do so.

Alternately, does anybody know where I can obtain the proper keyboard drivers so I can restore the Fn key settings?
just checking this model with toshiba.
if you go to the download page for this model.

you need to download the tosh hotkey utility for windows.
would also be a good idea to download the tosh utility for windows the flash media driver tosh config free utility
and the sd card reader driver.

in total there are 8 pages of downloads at tosh for this model so apply the filter to show you only windows xp and that cuts it down to 4 pages.

when trying to load a image of a backup its always best to use the same program that wrote the image to restore it.

sometimes if your hard drive is showing signs of failure it can mess up a image file stored on it before being wrote to a cdrom or dvd rom.
Dear Davey:

Thanks for that. Strange, I was on the Toshiba site, and I could swear that I downloaded every single driver that was offered, but the link you sent showed more drivers than the page I was directed to.

Perfect call, Worked great.

My thanks.


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