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Windows XP Help
Hey There!

I have an emachine model ET1641. It previously came with Windows Vista. However, I had bought a Windows XP disk and had it downgraded at a local shop here in town. I am wanting to restore my computer because of some glitches that are causing my computer to not respond to a lot of things. Is there any sites that I might need to know to get the drivers for my emachine? I looked on the emachine website and all they have for the drivers for this model are Vista? Can you plz help me in finding the drivers for XP that I can use on this type of model so that I can restore and get everything back into shape again?

I will have to use the limted spec at emachines to try and get this right.
before i list a few drivers for you, please remember to install windows xp sp2 only if possible then load the drivers in this order to stop any problems

main chipset emahines have this listed incorrect its listed as the geforce 7050, thats the GPU in the chipset and not the main chipset, however its enough to tell me that you have the nforce 6 series chipset
ths set of drivers will run that chipset.

get the pc online then use windows update to bring the pc up to date but skip sp3 till later on.

direct x http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detai...laylang=en

Micosoft UAA http://download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Dri...ft_bus.exe

now i am not 100% sure on your sound card as its not listed just list 6 channel audio, this being a emahines i am 90% sure that would be the realtek HD audio.
so download this set of drivers for your sound

if the main video card did not load with the chipset driver this set will get it running.

after that lot is installed its safe to update to service pack 3 for windows xp.
it should auto load your modem without a problem.

Yes I do have realtek HD audio. Now my question is. how do I get to this point after I have put the disk in the drive and get it to where it's going to erase everything and start over? I'm not quit sure how to do this kind of thing. But I do know it needs to be restored back to factory settings. But with it having an XP disk, and no drivers or anything on it. I'm just not quit sure how to get it online to get back to this site to do the whole drivers thing. I really hope I'm making sense.
ok before you install windows xp vist the links in my post and download them on to a memory pen or burn the drivers on to a cdrom.

windows xp is now very old so it won't have built in drivers for things such as your chipset but its best to have a handy copy of them you can just install once the main windows xp is back on your hard drive.

as you want to clean this machine is best to format the c drive when windows xp ask at that point in its set up.
that will clear any nasty virus or spyware thats making the machine unstable in the first place.

if you want you can try and get your windows install that you have now stable and i can point you to a few downloads that might help

if your unsure even how to start off the windows xp install i can explan that to you was well.

I think I understand now what your saying. I have a USB memory stick? Will that work to save the stuff onto or will that not be a good idea? So If that will work, I just save the downloads to there and then once the Windows XP set up is done I just put the stick in and just go from there?
yes you are correct.
download the drivers on to your usb pen and keep it safe.
you can then install windows xp.
Thanks Davey I will get on that right now because I'm so ready to get this thing back into shape again. Once I get it all done, I will come back and let you know how everything went. Thanks Again.
might not be 100% to start with you might still need the odd driver.
but the list i gave you is enough to get all the basic parts running again.
once everything is installed and your back up to sp3 let me know.

if anything is still missing its driver i think i should be able to track it down.
Hey Davey, It's me again. Well I got all but 1 of the drivers installed. It's the Directx install. I'm havin' a bit of a problem here. I went to get connected to the internet and found out that I don't have a network interface card/network adapters...Is there something I am missing here. I did everything you told me to except I wouldn't let me do the directx as I am not able to get onto the internet at this time. I'm right now using a friends computer to tell you what's going on. What do you suggest I do now? Thanks again for all your help.
did you get intenet at all at any stage?

the nforce driver has the built in lan card drivers needed by your motherboard.
if you look in device manager check to see what has a yellow ? by it and let me know
gggrrr my own net is playing me about.

did you have any internet at all after you installed the nforce driver ?
have you managed to run windows update ?

look in device manager to let me know if anything is listed with a yellow ?

No I haven't been able to get to the internet at all. It's not showing a Local Area Connection which I called my internet company and they told me that without this local area connection I won't be able to connect my modem to my computer and get the internet access. The yellow questions marks are under the Other Devices, the yellow question marks are next to the Ethernet Controller and also next to the PCI Simple Communications Controller. I wasn't able to install the Directx driver that you gave me because it said something about checking my network connections. Thanks Again for all your help on this situation.

P.S. Now I haven't been able to do any updates on the computer at all. I've been trying to figure out why I don't have a Local Area Connection. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing is working.
ok you can't connect because windows does not see your Ethernet Controller which is your local lan card.

now i need you to try and load the driver the manual way, its not hard.
look in my comouter c driver you should see a folder called nvidia.
double click that, look at the folders and you should see the Ethernet Controller folder.
right click on that and select copy.
go back to your desktop and right click again and select paste.
that will copy the driver over to your desktop.
now go in to device manager, right click on the problem Ethernet Controller and select update driver.
let the wizard start, windows will not want to do a auto search, please don't let it you want to installed the driver yourself, so choose i will choose what driver to install, click browse next to that.
then browse to the Ethernet Controller folder on your desktop.
open the folder and choose one of the files, select next.
windows should now see the driver and load it.

this is not a uncommon fault with nvidia lan cards.
Ok, I went to the C drive, pulled the NVIDIA folder as you said, I didn't find a Ethernet Controller Folder. The only folders showing is the DisplayDriver. the nforce and the nforcewin2k. I'm so confused right now, I have been working on this for almost 17 hrs straight. I'm just so ready to get this working again.
the open the nforce driver folder. it should be sitting inside there if its not i will rip the nforce driver apart for you and drag out that driver.

17 hrs is not long on a stubbon pc. when you get in to doing these sort of things you can spend days trying to work out why the hell won't this do what i am telling it to do.
i know i have done it myself more then once.
Hey Again!

Well no luck on that folder either. Now I have question...It's saying I have a Realtek ethernet whatever it's called, would that still have something to do with the NVIDIA??? Just trying to throw out ideas that might help you see what might be going on with this wonderful world of technology we have going on here. LOL.
well that would explane why it don't load lol lol
however thats not listed at emahinces.
i need to do some digging bear with me for ten mins i need to dig out the vista driver from emachines and rip it apart to find out what lan it is.
you can also try this for me, everest may name that chip and that will really make my job simple.
download everest from this link, the corp or ultimate.

install and run that on your emahines.
with the program running, look in the left hand list for network.
click the little + next to it then click pnp/pci network

i will check back in a moment, i need to check ths with emachines if possible.
its ok i think i found it, emachines do have this listed as the nvidia lan.
but on another site its listed as the realtek RTL8101E
download this set of drivers and see if it gets your lan card running.

if it does that means emachines are even more of a bunch of jokers then i was thinking.
LOL Yeah I keep calling it my POS computer. Ok I did that link you told me too. I ran everything said and I click on what you said and it came up with Realtek RTL8139/810x Fast Ethernet Adapter Type: PCI
YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!! I have a Local area connection. Now...before I do anything else, I'm going to try and run my modem to the computer to see if I can set up my internet. I will either be back on this computer to let you know it didn't work.......or I will let you know I'm on my own computer!!!!!
as soon as you have your pc on the net start running windows update.
after that is finished then do direct x

as windows now knows about that lan it should connect to the net

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