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Windows XP Help
click the startbar

once its open right click the mouse where the programs should be.
click properites
click customize

thats where you can tell windows how many recent programs to show e.t.c
are you available to do a remote?? I have done everything possible and can't find a solution to this maddness! I have done and looked in the registry and everything that I have found to fix it and nothin' is helping.

I've got it set to 5 and it's still blank....I have done what I have found to do and tried opening things that show up there and it's still blank!

ALSO! there are things they mentioned in the registry that are not showin' up either. I just did that full system clean and now this is happenin', GRRRR computers are more of a pain than anything.
I can't at the moment, just picked my car keys up as i have to go sort a server out but it should not take that long i will contact you when i get back
have a go at this and if it don't work use the auto fix from microsoft;307875

Okay, What exactly is that suppose to do?? I clicked to install it but nothing happened.

I have ran into that website during my hunt for this problem. it's not my Recent Documents folder I'm tryin' to get back. I'm tryin' to get back the Recently Used Programs that show up on the left said of your start menu. The programs that load into that big space to the left where the "My Computer" and all those things. That is what is missin' and I can't get them back.
I am waiting for you on msn messenger have been for half hour
Davey, My Friend! You will be happy to hear I have come back to earth and got XP back on my computer. I didn't mind Vista, it was just slow and some programs that say they work with Vista doesn't really work at all. So you can relax and not have to worry, I have the gods on my computer now! We need to get on messenger soon and have a chat! Talk to you soon.
well that should teach you one thing.

vista is the worse O/S that microsoft have done for many years.
it never did top windows xp and right now windows xp still out sells it.

vista's main problem was it was rushed out half finished, windows 7 will prove that really as at its heart it still is windows vista.

I moaned my ass off at microsoft when i was testing vista from the first beta right up to the full version, it was unstable and dam greedy on the system memory and cpu.
i have not used vista myself since microsoft sent me my " free copy " its sat in its packet sealed.

i have windows 7 as well which i don't use that much, i still use windows xp for almost everything as its more stable and faster then windows 7
I still think windows 7 is too heavy on the system but its not as bad as windows vista.

remember windows xp has till april 2014, it may well get a little longer to live depending on how well windows 7 sells, at the moment most people still have windows xp.

microsoft are pushing windows 7 and pushing people to buy a new pc but people just don't have that sort of money laying about right now and its not working most people are happy with their 4 or 5 year old systems and not upgrading.

my advise for what its worth.
if your pc is working and its stable and does everything you want of it then there is no need to upgrade your hardware or your windows version.
does not matter how much crap microsoft come out with they are just a company selling a product and will use every dirty trick in the book to make you buy their new product.

if you find your once fast pc is now slow as hell it just means it needs a clean and windows reinstalled to gain all that speed you have lost over the years.
Davey, how do you feel about Kaspersky ????? I had comodo and the damn thing let something in my computer and spent 4 1/2 hrs tryin' to get whatever it was off, but to no avail it didn't come off and had to do a full reinstall of XP. I am tryin' to shop around to a good software for antivirus and that isn't a resource hog! Any suggestions????
I did run Kaspersky for about a year but just like zonealarm and AVG its become bloated and slows the system down a great deal, slowed my xp down on boot up by amost 30 seconds, thats not really acceptable to me so now i use the microsoft free one, so far its not let anything in to my system.

a word of advice never open a file in a email unless you know the person that sent it and they have told you they will be sending you a file otherwise no matter how good your software is your going to open the pc to attack

I tried that Windows Essentials (think that's what your talkin' about) and it didn't catch a thing on my computer. Also a friend of mine had that as well and her computer crashed, took it in and had a worm around all her files, so I was gonna buy one, but didn't really know which one would work best, I need something cheap, but excellent to protect my computer, and less of a resource hog! Sure wish I knew your skills on computers lol!
well if thats what you really want then got for the norton anti-virus only, if you get the full system works then that is a big fat hog

the biggest problem with the microsoft one is people don't keep it up to date and thats when it starts to let things past the filters.
in fact any software will do that if its out of date.
you really think Norton is good? I haven't heard good things about Norton, but then again I guess everyone is different. Right now I have the 30 day trial of AVAST, not sure I will keep it though as it's slowin' down my computer. Will have to check around some more.
norton stand alone anti-virus is not so bad.
the full system works on the other hand are a pain in the butt.

the problem with all the top paid for stuff is bloatware inside the product they log to much information for my taste.

i want a anti-virus that scans incoming mail and keeps a eye on the network port, thats all i want it to do i don't want something that montiors the system files 24/7 slowing the system down.

if i want to do a scan of my hard drive i will tell it to do it not when the software runs full time in the background sticking its nose in to every single file.
whats up ?

I am not that fast on my feet at the moment, it might be a photo finish between me and a old lady with a zimmer frame.

I need to know why everytime I got into my Videos I keep gettin' a windows error????
what error ? i need to know what its saying
I don't remember the exact saying of it, I will write it down the next time it pops up, I'm about to call it a day/Night. I'm sick and can't take the pain so I'm hopin' some sleep will help.
ok you pop off and when it does it again write it down and let me know.
i am trying to do my mid morning walking which has so far seen me fall flat on my face a few times

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