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Windows XP Help
Davey, all I can say is your ROCK!!!! I am typing to you from my computer! If you were closer I would kiss you :) Thank you so much for all your help and patience throughout all this mess! You really are the Man!!!!!!!!
good to hear its running.

just get it up to date now and make sure you do a system restore point so if it ever goes wrong you can go back to point one from where you got the pc running.

as a side note i hate emachines, did not let that part on before, their site is a joke and i think after this you can see just whay i hate them.
they list one thing but it does not match the hardware inside that machine, really is enough to drive you crazy.

It's doing about 77 updates right now as we are speaking. I will them get the directx as well.

I personally don't much care for emachine, but they had what I was looking for as far as hard drive space everything I just hated the fact that it had Vista on here UGH, now that OS I can't stand. Have you ever had the chance to mess around with the new Windows 7?
I have windows 7 64bit in fact thats what i am speak to you on now.
it leaves vista for dead.
its still based round the vista core but its far far more stable and less system hungry.

but out of all the o/s microsoft have done i still perfer windows xp and its still the one i use the most.
windows 7 is ok but when it comes to building pages for this site and doing gfx work xp is still the better o/s

i beta tested vista for mircosoft i hated it then i hate it now.
in fact i am a beta tester for them means i get to see what new long before other people
WOW, how did you get to become a beta tester for microsoft? I think that would neat thing to do. I prefer XP but I have had many friends talk good about Windows 7. A friend of mine has 7 and she says it's somewhat like XP, is that true? I had thought about lookin' into 7, but I think I will stick with my XP. lol
mope don't take notice of your friend.
windows 7 is still the same desktop layout as windows vista its hard to tell them apart
by just looking at them

to me even when i was testing windows 7 its still vista without all the nice eye candy and a touchscreen program
thrown in for free, windows 7 is what vista should have been in the first place
microsoft have done away with the old common icons from windows xp and below for good.

to be a beta tester you need alot of time and apply direct to them.
but you need to be able to send them a report if you find something wrong
it helps to have a technet account as well because you get all the new beta's in the news letters.

the only downside to beta testing is it can and does make your pc unstable and unworkable at times and you have to
try and work out why, if you can find a fix as i have more then once you then send that fix in a report to them.
thats what beta testing is all about.
yes you get to see new things long before anyone else, but you have to put the work in to it as well.

WOW sounds like there's a lot of hard work put into being a beta tester, and i bet knowin' a little bit about computers helps too. LOL. Hey off the wall question...I need an antivirus for my computer (free of course) what do you recommend. I have been using Comodo (Free) but it's not finding the viruses and all that other stuff. If you know any and know they are good pass them my way and I will have a look. Thanks again Davey for gettin' me back online and back into shape again.
free anti-virus i would have to say AVG
they seem to keep that software up to date more then some other free programs.
you will need a anti-spyware program as well i would say Malwarebytes for that.

have a look at the free stuff i have listed here.
knew i would find it somewhere.
if your intertested in becoming a beta tester this is where you start.
I was trying to remeber this free software all afternoon.
at last will play along with me, lol lol

this is a free backup software that allows you to do a image of your hard drive.

what you do is load it on your pc, make a image of your hard drive contents then burn that image to a disk.
if the pc ever goes wrong again you just reload windows then reload that program.
and restore the working image, saves hunting round for drivers and software you have put on your machne.
Hey Davey!

Yep Still goin' strong here! Just gettin' a few things back that I lost when I did my restore. Never thought working a computer would be so tiring considering I have been up for 29 hrs now. Yep I was determined to get this back up and working again.

That is really a great idea. I will make sure to save this. I also took my memory stick that I saved all those drivers too and put it in a safe place that way I don't lose it and nothing gets erased off it. Boy that sure was hard work on your part, but I sure do appreciate all your help in getting me back to order again. I also hope this doesn't stop our communication cause I would love to chat with you more, you seem like a pretty outstanding fellow and I would like to become friends with, if that's cool with you.
that image tool is a good free program and i have used it myself so i know it works.
i tend to list things that i have used so i know what i am telling members will work when all else fails.
its agood idea keeping that memory pen safe, but as your motherboard is just one big nvidia chipset/GFX i will give you another tip.
nvidia are always updating their drivers.
if you go to thier site
then under option 2 select motherboard drivers it will try and access your machine accept the active x and it will then scan your machine and point out any update drivers they may have.

I have made many friends over the years on my site and your welcome here at anytime, does not matter if you need help or not you are still welcome.

yes a stubbon computer can get you to the stage where you refuse point blank to give up no matter how long it takes you.
i know because its not unknown for me to spend three days and nights working on machines, drives my other half mad, lol lol

Hey Davey!

Thanks for that site, I will save it to my favorites and keep it in a good place to save it so I have it in the future in case this happens again.

Thank you for the very warm welcome. You are a great guy. Hope your other half doesn't mind you being on here to talk to everyone. lol.

Hope to hear from you soon.
NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Initializing/Installing Component...

If you use a pop-up blocker:
You may need to disable it to use this service.

If you have Windows XP with SP2 installed or Windows Vista:
Step 1:
Click on the 'Information Bar' above (usually a pale yellow bar just below your browser's URL line).

Step 2:
Click on 'Install ActiveX Control' from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:
Click on the 'install' button.

Scanning System...
Click here if the scan did not complete.
We're sorry, the NVIDIA Smart Scan does not support your system at this time.

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, and Windows Vista.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer.

The NVIDIA Smart Scan tool was unable to detect an NVIDIA nForce motherboard.


•Try manually picking your product series by clicking here and following Option 1.

The NVIDIA Smart Scan tool is a BETA release. We welcome your feedback here.

What exactly does that mean exactly? I'm so confused now....Help this poor blonde out would you plz?
that just means that nvidia could not see your chipset.
is nothing to worry about.
that tool like everything else at nvidia gets updated every now and then.

it use to do it on my nvidia GFX card but now it does see it if i scan.

you have the nforce 610i chipset, so every three months or so just ask and i will see if they have a new set of drivers out for you.
its on version 15.45 at the moment if you go to nvidia and see a number higher then that it means they have done a update.
Oh Ok! Well right now I won't worry about it. Still running great! :) Thanks to you and all your hard work! So I have 15.45 so I will just keep checking NVIDIA and make sure they haven't updated on me LOL!
yup just check them in about 3 months time.

i will check them for you as well everytime i update my GFX card anything new i will post it here for you.
You are so AWESOME Davey! I'm so glad I found this website and have met you. You are a great guy. I'm glad to call you my friend. :)
Hey Davey! Got a really stange question for you. Why is my font on my computer all messed up? It's like I can't really explain it. But it's like all jagged and stuff like that. I don't know what that means, is there something that is causing this or just my computer being stupid again?
do you have a LCD flat screen monitor ?

if so windows xp is pre set to use a CTR monitor and not lcd.
do the following to see if it improves the text.
click start, control panel, display, appearance tab
click the effects.
put a tick in the box next to
use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts
then use the drop down box and select clear type
click ok to close that box and then click apply.

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