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Windows XP Help
Yes actually I do have an LCD Flat Screen a HUGE 19"'s my mini TV :).

I have one thing to say to you Davey....Genius!!!!!!! You really are my knight in shining armour! Gotta Love Ya!
don't know about genius, i have been called a few things in my life.
bad tempered , moody, stubborn, kind, loving, e.t.c

i admit to the bad temper,and being a bit moody at times, and stbborn as a ass i have red hair, so everything you have heard about red heads is ture to life with me.
thats not a large LCD, put a 26 inch screen on your desk, now that would be a big screen, lol
i should not tell you that i stuck my fist in a LCD screen once when i lost my temper.
hurt like hell and i had to buy a new monitor.

i guess my biggest soft spot is i will help anyone, thats why the site is here.
if you know anyone that has computer problems just send them here, i will help them for free.
i have even taken control of a few members machine by remote to help them sort problems out.
the best part is the more i help people the more i learn along the way.
Dang Davey! Yeah I bet that did hurt like hell. After you had said that I was looking at my screen and thinking now how the hell did he do that. *LOL*

Nah I think I will stick with my 19 inch for right now. I did have a laptop what was a 15 inch, now talk about small compared to this monitor.

Well I'm really glad we found your soft spot, cause without your site and your dedicated help I don't think any of us would really know what we would do. Other than spend our $$$ paying someone to get it fixed. Which is most cases don't have the funds to do that right now. So you are really awesome in doing this for us! You just awesome period!
oh its very simple to smash a lcd screen, or watch your fist go right through the glass and almost out the plastic at the back, lol

ok i admit when i lose my temper i really do lose my temper.
its a case of get out the way or i will steam roller right over you.
i am the sort of person that feels no pain at all till later on.

I broke my hand more then once in my life punching things even then i did not feel it till the next day when my hand looked like a balloon on the end of my arm, lol lol
the only good thing about my temper is i can use it the way i want sometimes, turn it back on its self and use that anger to make myself do things no matter how much pain i may be in at the time.

I am much better now then i use to be thats for sure, as you get older things change, when your over 40 like i am now you mellow somewhat.
i still have that nasty temper but these days i do my best to control it.

Well I don't think I want to see what it's like to see my hand go through my screen. LOL. You must have been really pissed off to do that.

So Where are you from? I am in South Carolina (USA) I noticed that your e-mail is .uk but I don't want to assume you are in Englad since the uk could stand for anything.

i was born in the uk, i went to school in the uk and i have a very very bad south london accent, but no longer live there.
live in tenerife now have done for 10 years.

the uk for better words is a big craphole now, my family live there but i can't stand the place.
far too many yobs making peoples life's hell.
all i hear about in the news is people being shot or stabbed in the uk, not a nice place to live anymore.
WOW, I would have thought you were talking about the US there for a min LOL. I would love to visit London and Ireland someday. My best friend lives in the UK.

Yeah that's all you hear about here too all these ppl killing, robbing and all this other crap. This world is really coming to an end and it is sad really in a way, but hey what can we do right?
what they should do is lock them up for ever.
life should mean life, not let them out after 5 years for being good boys.

if you go to the uk i dare say you will not vist outside of the center of london, which is a good idea
you get to see the history of the place without too much trouble.

to me london looks old and run down, too little money has been spent on the older buildings.
they should look after the uk's history not knock it down so they can replace it with another block of faceless flats.
in some parts of london now you will be very hard pressed these days to find a white british person such as myself that still lives in the uk.
don't get me wrong i am far from racist, i am married to a nigerian myself.

the only advice i can give you is talk to your friend before you ever vist the uk,
they will know what would be the best and safest places to take you to.
Hey Davey! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Our internet has been all wacky! Hopefully Saturday AT&T will come and fix this crap. I get on the internet and BAM it kicks me off again and then our phone goes all nuts.

Yeah I thought that if I ever get the chance to see the UK that I would use her as my tour guide lol. I think I would get lost. And feel backwards considering y'all drive on the left side of the road there and we drive on the right. So I would get pretty confused. I would just love to see everything while I am there. I have some very beautiful pictures that my friend sends to me every now and then and I would just love to see it in person.

So how have you been? Thought I would jump in here real quick and see what's going on before I kicked offline again lol. Hope to talk to you soon.
the uk beautiful ? huh i don't think so, cold wet damp maybe but beautiful.
i guess because i spent so much of my life in the uk i don't see what other people do.

if you want to see somewhere really beautiful i can show you pictures of the island i live on now thats take your breath away stunniing
snow capped volcano all winter, well if you call it winter we don't ever get colder the 17oC

if your line is dropping like that it could be a few things, crap ISP like i use to have see here for more details.

bad filter between your phone and pc, crap line or noise on the line.
well to be honest the box outside the house that runs the lines has been on this house since 1988. So Yeah it's pretty old. Def. time for a new one. They will also do a test on the lines to see if it's anything inside the house that would be causing this problem. So hopefully after Saturday I won't have to deal with this problem again.
thats not a old box really.
my mums line in the uk has never been replaced in 30 years BT ( main phone company ) is just too dam lazy to replace anything.
if you call them out to a fault they charge you £120 just to come out.
if the fault is inisde you flat/house they then charge you more.

all that and they still have the cheek to charge you £15 a month line rental.

let me know if you want to see any pictures of where i live.
i will hear your jaw slap the floor from here Grin

I would love to see some pictures where you live. LOL hear my jaw slap the floor huh?

Well all I have to say is they better not charge us because we have wiring protection, but that doesn't mean they will get sneeky and put it on the bill next month. They are just like that.

So yes plz pass those pictures along I would really love to see them.
Ok Davey I need your help. I scanned a bunch of pictures from my scanner and they saved them as a PDF file, how in hell do I change them to a jpeg file? I have looked everywhere I can't find nothing that tells me how to change this.
ok i will upload some pictures to site then send you a link
you will love this island that i am 100% sure.

yeah i think most phone companies try their luck from time to time and if your not really careful they will sneek in a charge or five.
Davey, help me here, I'm going crazy! I'm about to take a baseball bat to my computer! This B*tch don't want to work for me. Save ME!!!!
why whats it doing ?

BTW i just sent you a email with picture link
Ok Davey I need your help. I scanned a bunch of pictures from my scanner and they saved them as a PDF file, how in hell do I change them to a jpeg file? I have looked everywhere I can't find nothing that tells me how to change this.
you saved them as adobe PDF files you need to open them with a adobe photo program or something like paintshop pro,
once open you can then re-save them as JPEG images.
or when you scan it should give you the option under " save as " to save them as Jpeg files.

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